Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Completely Off My Game

I've not really posted much about me or what I've been up to here in Seoul for a bit of time.


I've been busy as all get out. I'm working, but, class is wrapping up this week. I have a summer job lined up but I'll be off with nothing to do but catch up with the rest of my life in week or two.

My visa conundrum is basically resolved. I finally went in yesterday to apply for my new alien registration card. I will sit down soon and write a detailed post about what it was like to work through the new E-2 requirements. For those with local police stations in the States who issue criminal checks, I can tell you step-by-step how to get through the criminal check with the least headache. That's assuming their process is like the city of San Francisco's which is the last place in the States I lived before coming to Korea.

I'm still doing voter registration with Democrats Abroad - Korea, but I've rolled back on other activities with them. One big reason was it was getting to be way too much and putting me behind on other stuff.

I had a chance to make it down to the R-16 bboy dance competition in Suwon a couple of weeks ago and got a chance to interview Jeff Chang. That interview will find its way to the Korea Herald and when it does, I'll post it here, as I always do.

I also got a chance to attend show by Kim Bada's new group, the Ratios, at Club Answer. (More info on them here and a CyWorld Review - all in Korean.) I also have an interview with them coming up. The Dynamic Duo, a Korean rap duo, and a British electro-pop group called Psych or Psyche also performed at the Club Answer show.

I'm taking a writing class but have managed to get behind in my work for that. Being a perfectionist, I'm beating myself up for that and blogging rather than getting my past due assignments done. Heh...

I've also got a couple of pieces to write up for the Look to the Stars website.

In addition to all that, I've been trying to keep a semi-decent social life.

So basically, what that means is I've run out of dry cat food for my cat and I've got tons to do. I just wanted to put up a post to let you all know I'm still out there, but I'm just a bit flustered with so much to do. However, maybe now I should walk over to Lotte Mart and get a bag of cat food because I know when I get close to home I won't want to bother with it. (Don't worry, if I flake Miss Kitty has a supply of wet food to last her a bit of time.)

Life is very, very full even if my cat food supplies aren't.

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  1. Well good. Sounds like you're busy and with the visa stuff worked through, you can breathe a bit. Kitty is cute...adorable!

  2. Yes, she's adorable but spoiled. I got home tonight with a bag of Friskies which she USED to like and just sniffed it, turned tail and walked away.

    Maybe it's all that wet food that has her feeling a bit snotty. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

    The visa stuff was going to work out, but with the new rules it was just a pain in the ass. Korea has really taken a step back with this new rule considering the person who got this all rolling wasn't on an E-2 teaching visa. Stupid legislation for a wrong reason that was way overdue but implemented for the wrong reason.

  3. Your kitty is darling. We left us back in the States with our son. I wanted to get one here but hubby says no and Korean girlfriends would never visit. They say cats are bad luck and bring bad luck even death to the families that own them. They are very serious about it so no cat for me.

  4. Thanks...she is a darling cat. The fur kills me though as I have a lot of dark clothes.

    I'm not worried about what Koreans think of cats. This cat has been a loyal companion since my university days and there was no way I was going to leave her for a long period of time in the States. I did leave her initially because I didn't know exactly what I was getting into, but she's been with me since my second semester here.

    Plus, I don't invite people over to my home anyway (it's way too messy), so I don't care if they'd want to visit or not ;)


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