Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hip-Hop Fans? DMC at the Hard Rock Cafe, Seoul

Photo courtesy of Michael Hurt aka FeetManSeoul

I wanted to spread the word that one-third of the legendary hip-hop group Run-DMC will perform in Seoul next Wednesday, June 18th. DMC, Darryl McDaniels, is scheduled to perform at 11pm. According to an email I got from the Hard Rock, the party will start at 10pm.
ROCK THIS WAY with Darryl McDaniels of Run - DMC live on stage 18th June 2008, 2300hr onwards.

Party starts from 10pm

Ticket fee

Online - 30,000 won

Offline Presales - 30,000 won, Door - 35,000 won
Here is an article I found on the even in the Korea Times: Original Run-D.M.C. Member to Perform at Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe, Seoul website

D.M.C.'s MySpace
D.M.C.'s website

Darryl McDaniels ft. Sarah McLachlan
Just Like Me

A bit of context. DMC discovered that he was adopted when he was doing research to write his first biography. Sarah McLachlan is also an adoptee. So, from that perspective, it makes sense they've collaborated on this song and have a video with this sort of story. (BTW, I'm an adoptee too, so seeing two very successful brethren working together actually warms my heart.) Sarah's song "Angel" also helped him get through a rough spot when he was close to taking his own life and he's taken inspiration from her.

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