Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Racing Model Billard?

This is hilarious. It's not a new story, but it's a new story to me ;)

I got both some great news and bad news last night. The energy the news stirred up in me kept me up late.

I was channel surfing last night and saw a pool tournament. I stopped because that can be interesting and, let's be honest, at 3am you don't have much choice.

However, I noticed the woman playing pool had a scanty tube top on and hot pants or some micro mini skirt. I was confused because her opponent had essentially the same outfit on. In Korea, they have the name of the program in the upper left hand corner, so I read it and it says "Racing Model Billiard". Huh? I didn't stay tuned long. Instead, I changed to the news and then Googled the show.

It's just hilarious because, yeah, we all know the soft porn and risqué programs come on in the wee hours of the night but racing models playing a bad game of pool? It's just too funny.

What's disturbing is how interchangeable these girls look. Plastic surgery in Korea is as common as having rice as part of your meal. I guess what prompts me to post about this was this link from the Metropolitician's blog about the pressure on women here to all look essentially the same. Now some manage to look good, but I can't see much beauty where it's plastic and exactly the same. However, they're not going through all this to impress me, so I get it.

Here are some comparision shots of Korean actresses before and after going under the knife. Some had issues but some looked more than fine before getting plastic surgery.

Better them than me. It's just very sad and funny to see.

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