Tuesday, June 24, 2008

George Carlin, RIP

When I read that George Carlin had passed away this morning I was sad.

Why? Because he was a unique comic and I grew up sneaking listens to him when I wasn't supposed to.

Carlin, along with other comics like Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor and Andy Kaufman and shows like Saturday Night Live, Fridays and SCTV helped shape what is my very weird sense of humor and horrible propensity to swear like a sailor (and to a certain not-so-gentle man who judged me for that, f**k you...)

Plus, his Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television is simply classic comedy. You can't not laugh and if you don't laugh you're way too uptight for my tastes.

Here it is on YouTube and, if you can't figure out there is a lot of swearing, then you're an idiot.

The Intro:

The Rest:

Here is another one on language:

"...smug, greedy, well-fed white people..."

Hahahahaha ...great stuff.

I was going to write in more detail, but that John f**king Mayer guy beat me to it. However, what he has to say is pretty good, so I'll just repost it here and get back to the stacks of tests I have to grade.

George Carlin, Rest in Peace.

George Carlin

George Carlin was my favorite comic.
He had what a virtuoso must: control.
Virtuosos take away the fear in you that they will drop the ball,
because they never do.

He would ease you into generally agreeing with his world view and then sneak in the oddest statement he could come up with, like "You ever get hit in the head with an axe?"

One time he told this joke about his grandfather retiring for the evening, telling him "I'm gonna go upstairs and f**k your grandma for a while."

His telling of the Aristocrats joke is by far the most vulgar and graphic.

He was also one of those entertainers whom you "share custody" with someone you love.
My brother Carl and I would recite Carlin lines all the time...

He was known as a "counter-cultural" comedian.
And it's a shame he's gone, because these days there's a hell of a lot of culture to be countered.

MSN.com: Photos: In Memoriam: George Carlin

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