Monday, September 1, 2008

Arianna Jumps Into the Fray

I get daily emails on what's being written on the Huffington Post. I usually delete the emails unless I know the writer, am interested in what the writer has to say or if, in this case, the writing is on point.

This is what pulled me into this title. There has been no lack of criticism leveled at McSame's, that's code for McCain for you slow folks, choice for VP. However, it's to be expected. I know I don't care to read much on Palin. The woman's views are virtually from the stone age.

However, what Huffington wrote is funny:

Saving the GOP and The Unbearable Lightness of Being Sarah Palin

Minneapolis-St. Paul -- Even without George Bush in the Twin Cities, the GOP cannot escape its miserable record over the last eight years. (Indeed, trying to spot a recognizable Republican in town has become a favorite early-convention game.)

So you can see why Sarah Palin was such an appealing pick for John McCain. Along with all the things she brings to the table -- fresh face, mother of five, hockey mom -- Palin is notable for what she doesn't bring: a track record.
The Democrats can level the same lack of experience argument at the GOP ticket now.

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