Friday, September 5, 2008

Bloggers Choice Awards

Click the picture to vote for us at the Blogger's Choice Awards - thanks!!!

This is great even just for more exposure.

As some of you know, I got a bit fed up with all the negative celebrity swill out there. So I started a blog talking about the good that celebrities do with charities, donations and fund raising. That led me to the Look to the Stars website. I wrote to ask them some questions and they asked if I wanted to write for them. My original blog on that topic didn't last long as I started writing for them pretty much right away.

This year Look to the Stars has been nominated for two categories in the Blogger's Choice Awards:
The likelihood of getting the second one is close to nill. However, we just might get the Best Charity Blog if you take a minute and vote. Click here to give us your vote.

Here is a link to the site.

Here is a link to the last five pieces I've written for them.

Go and vote. Also, check out the other categories.

Thanks a lot!

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