Thursday, September 4, 2008

Missed the Democratic National Convention Speeches?

I was on iTunes this morning and saw that they have a podcast page to download some of the speeches (some as video) from last week's Democratic National Convention.

You'll need iTunes installed.

For good measure, here is the link to the Republican National Convention podcast page. For what it's worth, Palin's speech is generating a lot of buzz. If I can tolerate the GOP rhetoric, I'll make myself listen to the whole thing.

Update 1: Sept. 6, 2008 @ 1:08am -

Palin as I and, clearly, the Chosun Ilbo editors see her.

Update 2: Sept. , 2008 @ 11:18am -

Oh and look at who beat Palin out for Miss Alaska way back when:
Sarah Palin’s revenge?

Hat tip to Undercover Black Man ;)

I've gotta say the "speed dating" through the UN Session yesterday was B.S.

She completely avoided questions from the press. I wonder why? However, now I do hope she knows what the Bush Doctrine is. (BTW, by linking to my thesis on that very topic, I'm not saying she's had to study it in school. It's just that it's a concept you can summarize in one sentence. It's been at the forefront of foreign policy discussions since 9/11 and she had not a clue what it was.)

A bunch of rushed photo-ops taken while meeting foreign leaders doesn't give her anymore foreign policy experience. Sheesh.

Just in case the embed is buggy, here is the link Photo-op Follies by Jeanne Moos of CNN.

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