Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's Not Too Late - Register to Vote and Get Active

Update 1: October 28, 2008 @ 9:30am

What's funny to me is after months of what I think is the longest presidential campaign ever (or, at least, it feels that way) and with just a week to go, people are still searching for this "I'm not registered to vote is it to late?" (BTW, it's "too" and I hope that by pointing that out no one calls me an elitist.)

Yes, you're too late. (a link to State deadlines) With one week before a presidential election it's too late to register to exercise your right to have a say in government.

Next time make sure to register early. However, maybe you can still volunteer to help others get to their polling places so they can vote on that day.

Go Obama!

Back to politics because this election is too important to stay silent. I notice that a lot of people find my blog because they need to register to vote, and I'm glad I've had voter registration links up for months now.

Here is an email I just received from Americans Abroad for Obama. I'll post it here in full.

Hello Americans Abroad for Obama!

With only 47 days left, our efforts abroad are in high gear and we need your help!

Time is running out to request your absentee ballot so you can vote in November. It only takes a few minutes to complete at Please go there and request your ballot NOW! Make sure you voice is heard in this historic election!

Also, all across the world we are phone banking Americans abroad to make sure they have requested their absentee ballots. We need your help to ensure that we get through our list of voters! Please email your Regional Field Director if you are interested in helping- it is very easy and important! In this election, every vote counts!

Below is the complete list of regional staff. **Please note that we have added five new field staffers since our last email** Reach out to your appropriate staff member with any questions you have regarding registering to vote, requesting your absentee ballot, or getting involved with Americans Abroad for Obama in your community. With only a few weeks left for Americans abroad to request their ballots, we need everyone's help!

Below are the names, contact information and regional assignment of our Regional Field Directors:

Eastern Canada: Will Fripp,
Western Canada: Kim Burkhardt,
Guadalajara area of Mexico: Tim Whiting,
All other parts of Mexico: Nick Moreno,
UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, and South Africa: Karin Robinson,
Francophone Europe and North Africa: Christine Houben,
Spain, Italy, Israel, Portugal and sub-Saharan Africa: Bob Barad,
Greece, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Cyprus, UAE area- Elina Mihalaki,
Germany and Central/Eastern Europe: Hilary Bown,
Australia, Philippines, and New Zealand: Carmelan Polce,
Northern Asia: Terri Macmillan,
Southeast Asia: Chang Chiu,
India & Nepal: Shelli Koffman,
Central/South America, Caribbean: Zak Schwarzman,

This is a grass roots effort that begins with individuals just like you. We need your involvement! Please reach out to your assigned staffer and get involved with this historic campaign in your community TODAY! We have no time to lose!

Thank you all for your continuing support!

Ali Sutton
Field Director, Americans Abroad for Obama

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