Thursday, September 25, 2008

Homemade Yogurt and Sugar-free Rambling

Last night I made a batch of homemade yogurt.

Why do I bother when you can get yogurt in Korea? Well, I'm an insulin dependent diabetic and what you can't get in Korea is sugar-free yogurt. You can get plain unsweetened yogurt, but the types of yogurt I miss are the fruit flavored yogurts with a sugar substitute.

Forget getting anything like that here in a land where my favorite new sugar free lemon-lime soft drink, the Kin Cider Zero, just simply disappeared off the shelf of my regular grocery store. Maybe it will be back in stock one day, but usually what happens is I fall in love with a product but the Korean population doesn't, so buh bye. Honestly, you'd think with the obsession on being rail thin that sugar-free products would be hard to keep on the shelves. It truly beats me why no companies have sought to tap into the thin paranoia that exists here.

Anyway, the reality is my homemade yogurt is probably much healthier for me than a mass produced brand. So with my stash of XyloSweet, xylitol, that I bought while I was at home, some kiwi that I bought, cut up and froze before I left for L.A., milk and plain yogurt (as a starter), I woke up to a few cups of fresh yogurt and that makes me happy.

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