Monday, June 29, 2009


It looks like Twitter's current trending topics have some people on the alert and a bit apprehensive.

Check out this tweet. What's ridiculous is Foolish Julie here isn't alone by any stretch. It shows a complete disconnect with how Michael's death has impacted the black community. I don't watch the BET Awards and only did so because they said it was going to be a MJ tribute. Therefore, guess what? There was a huge number of people watching the show and and we talked about it as it happened.

But riddle me this? Even without that, why is it even an issue that black topics trend on the night of a major black awards show? I guess black folks aren't supposed to actually use the Internet.

Sorry, I have to just say it. These people are just stupid.

The USA is now post-racial? Yeah, okay.

Are they serious?

Well, thank goodness for screen shots and blogs. Because, yes, morons there are black people on Twitter.

Say it isn't so!!!

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  1. omg unbelievable, weird... and funny post, Regina :-)


  2. Thanks! And thanks for the comment (it made me realize I made a was ridiculously early and I was ridiculously tired when I wrote it.)

  3. I'm not surprised - although I wish I was. Her tweet reflects a very prominent thought process still thriving in our culture.

  4. Click over to the site. There is a whole collection of tweets like hers.

    It's just amusing to me that some white people feel entitled to dominate every thing. It's just showing some glaring cluelessness on the impact his death had on the black community.

    And, yes, it's still very much part of our society's culture.

  5. Hey Ruthibelle! Good to see you back.

    I think "oh dear" sums it up ;)

  6. Dumb people saying even dumber things. Wow. And with a last name like Hernandez? LOL!

    I'm just saying. :/

  7. I know, right.

    Well, white people don't have a monopoly on racism. It's just that, since they're the ones in power, they're the focus.

  8. Yeah Regina love the article. I get so tired of people saying Michael didn't want to be black I am like did he tell you that personally.

    Also I get tired of some saying well I don't see why is death is so important. I am like of course you wouldn't because you work a 9-5 job and he had magnificent career.If you had a career like his they would mourn you too.

  9. "I am like of course you wouldn't because you work a 9-5 job and he had magnificent career.If you had a career like his they would mourn you too."

    Oh snap! That was a good one and almost made me laugh out loud on the train this morning ;)

    You're right. I think a lot of the disconnect is really the phase in which you discovered MJ. If you're black American, you've probably been around his music your whole life. If you're my age. You grew up with the Jackson 5 and got to see MJ become this larger than life star (and, unfortunately, eccentric) as an adult.

    Also, if you were around during that time, or just very aware of black history, you also know that not only was he the most influential pop star ever, but he also opened doors for ALL of the black music artists played on MTV.

    Before "Thriller" MTV did not play black music videos. Period. I remember that. I specifically remember my parents saying "no" when I was saying I wanted my MTV at the time. 'No black videos' basically meant my parents weren't giving up their hard earned black dollars so my ditzy ass could watch music videos. At the time, BET was the channel playing black videos. Anyway, that's huge.

    Also, simply in terms of him being a black entertainer with worldwide appeal, artists like Ne-yo, Beyonce, Usher and others had the doors opened so they could cultivate HUGE followings abroad. MJ started that. Not that they don't have their own talent. Of course, they do, but he really did blow the doors open for black talent to be marketed to a national and a worldwide audience. (Yes, Motown started it, but MJ took it to an epic level.)

    A lot of people are ignorant and they don't get that.

    Also, even though he was weirdly eccentric and his looks were ever evolving, MJ consistently showcased both massively talented and massively beautiful black people in his videos. Going back and looking at them over the last few days reminded me of some of the great images he's put out there.

    BTW, folks don't know that Slash from Guns & Roses has a black mother. That's another one MJ worked with ;)

    People are haters. I have to say that, overall, I'm very proud of the black community for circling the wagons around MJ, his memory and his legacy. What I notice are the talking heads on "news" shows looking to spin scandal have pretty much stopped inviting black commentators to speak because most of them have only very positive things to say about MJ.

  10. I agree with everything you said Regina. Also people have to know Mike was an excellent business person. He made Michael Jackson a brand not just a name.

    He along with Prince,Sam Cooke, Ray Charles and Rick James pretty much controlled their own destinies financially meaning they owned their production rights and master recordings.

    Michael was so smart that he bought the Beatles catalog(still owns a stake in it)and called Lil Richard and gave him back his songs. You won't catch too many people doing that. RIP Michael you will be missed.

  11. Well, he was smart but he got the idea from Sir Paul. Then told him he'd one day buy the Beatles catalog and did it. That's, at least, one of the reasons they fell out.

    From what I've seen, he did spend way too much though. But I think with the royalties, that will even out simply because, well, he's not around to spend anymore. Settle the debts and then let the estate keep generating cash.

    RIP MJ

    He will be missed.


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