Friday, June 5, 2009

Social Media Camp - Internet Week NY

I just love social media and Web 2.0.

When compared to the average person, I know a lot about it too. However, you can always learn more. When I heard about Internet Week NY, I knew I wouldn't be able to attend all of the events. Also, I didn't get tapped as one of Pepsico's IW crew, so I was on my own. There were a lot of events. But, when I heard about the Social Media Camp, I knew I had to make it to that one. It was a day full of learning, networking and socializing. For me, that always sounds like a lovely day and it was!

I really want to thank the Social Media Club folks for having such a great event: Howard Greenstein, Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells. In addition, without the sponsors and host hotel, the Roger Smith Hotel, none of this would have happened.

I registered as a volunteer. That got me in for free, but it was only $25 to register. For an all day event with multiple workshops on social media, that's a steal. Consultants on these topics charge a lot. Early Thursday morning I made the commute by train and bus from Philadelphia to NYC. I was in a rush to make sure I got on the first train into Philly because I was on the 6:30am bus to Manhattan. As a result, I forgot to slap some gauze on the wound that's doing its thing on my forehead. Instead, when I got to NYC, I picked up a box of antibacterial band-aids with the gaudiest big blue bandage ever. I figured a day hanging out with strangers was probably the best day to experiment. It was either a bandage or the carnage of a healing wound.

Here is the list from yesterday's camp:

  • Social Media 101 (10:15am) - Winthrop
  • Government Blogging and Twitter Advocacy (10:15am) - Starlight 1
  • Crafting a Social Media Press Release (10:15am) - Screening Room
  • Creating Digital identity (11:15am) - Winthrop
  • Wordpress as a Social Media Platform and how to develop content using Social Media (11:15am) - Starlight 1
  • Power of suggestion on Twitter (11:15am) - Screening Room
  • Lunch
  • Social Media tools (1:00pm) - Winthrop
  • Basics of Strategy in Social Media Marketing for Business (1:00pm) - Starlight 1
  • I’m here, Now + Location based services (1:00pm) - Starlight 2
  • Increasing Visibility through Social Media + SEO - Benefits of search (1:00pm) - Screening Room
  • Social Media for job searches (2:00pm) - Winthrop
  • Maximizing Social Media for e-commerce (2:00pm) - Starlight 1
  • Differences and similarities between Facebook and Twitter (2:00pm) - Starlight 2
  • Measurability (2:00pm) - Screening Room
  • Marketing through Social Media (3:00pm) - Winthrop
  • Integrating Social Media Marketing in your Marketing Plan + Kicking off & Increasing visibility for new Internet biz (3:00pm) - Starlight 1
  • How to run a business (3:00pm) - Starlight 2
  • Open (3:00pm) - Screening Room
  • Open Discussion (4:00pm) - Starlight 1
  • HTML Primer (4:00pm) - Starlight 2
  • The science of ReTweets on Twitter (4:00pm) - Screening Room
There were some things I knew. I know the basics, for sure, so I skipped basic info sessions and focused on marketing and PR.

Since I'm looking for work, I also went to the session about how to use social media in a job hunt. The last session was really interesting. The topic was retweets on Twitter. Dan Zarrella from Hubspot crunched some numbers that gave a bit of insight on how people are behaving on Twitter.

He had an equation that measured something. I plugged in the numbers and my number was 8.01. (I still don't know the significance of that, but I know it's 8.01!) Anyway, if you don't know what a retweet is, basically, it's when someone takes the tweet you sent out and sends it out again. The abbreviation is "RT", and it's all over Twitter.

Here is video from the end of the event. Yes, that's me in the session, note the gaudy blue bandage on my face. As they say, what happens in Vegas stays on the Internet! That's also true for just about everywhere else too ;)

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  1. Hey Regina,
    It was great to meet you at Social Media Camp. We were in a group together, in fact a few groups (you shared some great insights ex. what to do about tweet-theft) but we never really got to talk. I hope to catch up with you at another event or just for a chat sometime. Good luck in your job search!
    PS. Thank you for being such a helpful volunteer! Maybe I'll volunteer at the next gig.

  2. Thanks Shannon ;)

    Next time hopefully we will have time to chat. I loved Dan's session, but that cut into the 4pm time slot where people would have open discussion. The happy hour space was really small, so it was hard to move around and mingle. But the event was excellent.


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