Monday, June 15, 2009

Operation "Ignore Charles Hamilton"

This is the funny.

He's making some good points here.

Being abroad means I was like "who is Charles Hamilton?" However, I did see a video of his maybe two weeks ago. It was one where he was interviewing a young female rapper/poet. He said a bit too much and she punched him. Ouch!

Well, this seems to be more than a one time occurrence, hence the video above. Therefore, based on this advice: ignore Charles Hamilton. Thanks ;)

Oh, I didn't know this, but the girl in the video is Mary J. Blige's step-daughter.

BTW, he was just saying ignore his silly antics and comments. The kid's music is good. Check out this video:

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  1. I am a blind J-smooth follower and pretty much believe anything he says, but also, after I saw Charles Hamilton on that video clip, I'm more than happy to ignore him, too! Ignoring J-smooth would be nearly impossible though. Too good a talker, too in touch. KWIM?

  2. Howdy Eileen!

    Actually, I had no idea who Charles Hamilton was until I saw that clip and then I didn't associate the name with the clip until today.

    If he's right about this kid's background, I think J-Smooth's analysis is right. Charles is young, with limited experience and just hasn't learned when to hush.


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