Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wassup 2008

This has got to be one of the best pro-Obama commercials out there.

However, you've got to go back to get the full impact of why it's so good.

So check out this Budweiser commercial that was a hit and was doing the rounds about 8 years ago first:

Now check out the wassup guys in 2008:

Tru,'s time for change. Seriously.

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  1. With all the negative ads out there, all the smear campaigns, it’s good to see something with a sense of humor. It still manages to get its point across of course, but using pop culture references instead of smear techniques. Pretty good.

  2. I agree that this ad is great and does exactly what it should without smearing.

    BTW, good blog.

  3. I assume you've also seen the Ron Howard ad with Andy Griffith and the return of the Fonz and the Al Bundy ad.

  4. I assume you don't check Facebook. I linked the Ron Howard video yesterday. I've actually not seen the Al Bundy one though. Googling it yields mass confusion, so I'll hold tight and I'm sure I'll get a link soon.

    I just think Wassup 2008 really stands out as a good one worth posting.

  5. My Korean officemates are wondering what made me laugh so hard. Note to self: don't read your blog at work.

  6. It's pretty laugh out loud funny.

    However, yeah, this is one that's HARD to describe to someone who doesn't recall the fervor that first commercial caused 8 years ago.

    Sorry ;)


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