Thursday, September 9, 2010

Motorola Sucks, part 1

Yeah, "intelligence everywhere"
except in their customer service!
Honestly, I'm so exhausted that I just need to write this out to get it off my chest.  There will be a part 2 or even part 3 (hopefully, won't be needed) because the low level of customer service happening here is just insane.


Why?  I thought that I lucked out when I got a Motorola Cliq XT Android phone for free.  I mean "wow".  My little Blackberry was still holding on and I was going to wait until early next year to do an upgrade.  Yet, I was envying my Android and iPhone carrying friends to some degree.

Initially, the phone worked like a charm.  I'm not sure what happened but the home button stopped working and my calls now immediately roll into voicemail.  It sucks. I'm in matches of phone tag constantly and there isn't a thing I can do about it except apologize profusely to the people that are trying to contact me.

I took it to T-Mobile.  They looked at it and confirmed the phone wasn't working.  They checked it for water damage and they were ready to switch me to a new phone.

But oooops!  Because it was a freebie phone from Motorola, they told me I had to contact them.  (Which, BTW, I HAD.)

This is where the clusterfuckery begins.  I call and their automated system that routes you to the right person is frustrating at best.  I finally get to someone and she tells me my "options" are to mail the phone in.  I stop and I say "and my other option is?"  She repeats that I can mail the phone in to be repaired.  I explain that "options" is plural which, in English, means there are, at least TWO choices.  I point out she's only given me one choice.  She then corrects herself to stay that is my only option.

WTF?  WTF?  (I'm not pleased to hear this).  I've not bothered to get a home phone. The last one I had in Seoul was just a waste of money.  I rarely used it.

Hell, here I'm never home and, when I am, I don't want to talk to you.  I do have Google Voice and I have made calls via my computer, but what?  You can't send me a loner flip phone or something to tide me over?  WTF?  And, let me point out this piece of crap was given to me by this company.

Anyway, I ask to speak to someone else because this is the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a long time.  All around the policy is what it is.  No one can help, not even the folks listening to the conversation via social media (yes, their @MotoMobile Twitter account responded).

The customer service for this
phone sucks on so many levels!
The problem is I was moving so there is no way I'm sending my phone to Texas when I'm trying to move.  I call today because having a phone that doesn't ring is so many levels of ridiculous it's not funny. It's to the point that I'm missing IMPORTANT calls and I'm having a hell of a time just getting things done because people really do screen their calls with voicemail now and call back.

I give up and decide, fine. I've got to bite the bullet, send the phone in and be phoneless for a few days.  30 minutes on the phone to get an RMA number to return the damn phone.  I'm also told postage is on me (fine, fine...the piece of crap phone was free) but that it will take 5 to 7 business days to get it back to me.  EXCUSE ME?

I'll update you all on what happens next, but, trust me, had I known their customer service policy was this shitty I wouldn't have accepted the phone.

So, note to self and anyone who reads this: just don't buy Motorola.  I think I'm going to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy, I'm just going to try to hold out until I get to the T-mo upgrade period (early November for me.)  I'm not that pleased with T-mo's customer service on this issue either but 1) I didn't buy the phone from them and 2) they have no impact on Motorola's crap service policy.

I'm sorry but eff you Motorola.  You suck.

Yes, I know, lesson to me: a living lesson in you get what you pay for.

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Here is the promised Part 2 that I also linked above.

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  1. Ha. I had a good time reading this post. Usually, bloggers who blog about their run-ins with celluar service providers are schmucks who expect everything to be handed to them on a silver-platter. You don't give that impression, and come off as informed. And funny!

  2. A lot of people do whine, so I'm glad that mine comes off as informed and justified whining. :)

  3. Absolutely nothing has changed with the Moto experience. I've had FIVE Moto Droid X 2 phones all with serious sound issues. The FOURTH one that I had suddenly lost cellular data. So I decided to send the phone in to Moto as you did...

    After being without a phone for nearly 29 days I finally receive my phone back in the mail. The phone repair was COMPLETELY botched. I received the exact same phone back with the MILESTONE X 2 firmware on it... So things are even worse now...

    I ended up speaking with four different Moto techs (three of which spoke such bad English that they never completely understood what was going on) before I finally got someone that had half a clue. At the end of the call the tech seriously told me that "the Milestone X 2 and the Droid X 2 are the same phone" and there "should be no problem with the incorrect firmware on the phone". Now I can't even turn cellular data ON where before it at least before I mailed it in I could enable it. Now the option was greyed out.

    After this conversation I was told that I would receive a call from a "Level Two" tech. I waited all day and for a week - no call. Finally I just called Verizon, spent an hour on the phone with them explaining the entire situation and THEY sent me a replacement phone and said they'd deal with Moto for me. YAY!!!

    Another entire WEEK after receiving my replacement phone from Verizon (which still has the same sound issues but hey I have data again!) a "Leve Two" tech from Moto calls me back. I didn't even both to answer the phone or respond to the voicemail at that point.

    I just wanted to let you and your blog readers know that absolutely nothing has changed since your experience with Moto. And Verizon at least was nice enough to give me 1 month free for my line thanks to Moto making me phoneless for a full month.

  4. Yeah, I jumped off that boat really fast once I realized their customer service was pretty much shit.

    I have an HTC Android now. They seem to be pretty good. I actually don't know though because I've had the phone for over a year and I've not had any problems and they keep the upgrades rolling in, so I can use apps. The only problem was a power connector. There was some hoop jumping over that with T-Mo. I ended up thinking it was the phone and not the cord. T-Mo's customer service and in person staff didn't have a step-by-step diagnostic and I was freaking out because I was in NYC for business and needed charged phone because I use my phone as a wifi hotspot a lot when I'm there. Anyway, I bought a new HTC phone, discovered that it was just the chord, and got hit with a restocking fee. However, I was there working and just didn't have the time to fight them.

    Overall, the customer service culture with US companies is pretty shitty. Sorry that Motorola is still crap. What's hilarious is I got the phone for free and had they just kept up the updates on the damn phone I probably would still be using it and would be primed to be a Motorola customer. Oh well.

    Good luck and I hope you can switch to a better brand of phone soon.


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