Sunday, September 19, 2010

Please Demand Healthier Food, Thanks...

You know things are a bit tight for an entrepreneur right now. Like seriously, the local 99 cent stores are my friends right now. Moving in the metro-NYC area is never cheap even if where you're moving is cheap.

Anyway, things will turn around soon and, since I'm not looking for a place to live, I can turn my focus back to my work and seeking out a new client or two or something else to supplement my income.  I'm pretty effective when I do that, so I'm not too worried.

However, with that said, food. OMG, food in NYC is ridiculous. It's expensive and things like fruits and veggies? Gah, exorbitant compared to what I'm used to in South Korea and in my native California. I'm doing okay because in law school I had to be frugal, so I can snap back into that really easily when I need to.  Good for me that there is a farmer's market that is nearby.  I'll make sure to stop by this week to pick up a few things.

However, I'm running low on this product, Applesnax's unsweetened applesauce, and I'm just irritated because it's not like I can skip over to the local market and replace it.

Why? It has no added sugar.

Why the hell is it so hard to find products with no added sugar when obesity is a major problem and type 2 diabetes (not what I have, BTW) is nearly damn epidemic here in the USA?

I ask this seriously.  I know that Mott's has one too.  However, it's really rare that you'll find me in a mainstream supermarket and that's where you'll find Mott's products.  It's rare that small corner markets will stock sugar-free products. There just isn't any room and probably not much demand. I am someone who will ask local merchants to start stocking things and, I think, it's time to start asking for more sugar-free stuff.  I just hope more people start doing it because it's pretty insane how much easier it is to get processed high-fructose corn syrup crap than simple foods.  

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  1. My year after college, the year before I came to Korea I tried to live high fructose corn syrup free. I think it added at least 20 minutes on to my shopping time because I'd have to check every ingredient list for every product. Quite often I'd have to sacrifice something that I really wanted because there just was no affordable option without high fructose corn syrup. But, I noticed that with juices (and I'm a big juice drinker) it became easier to get no high fructose corn syrup versions. Of course they would be about a dollar more expencive, but it's worth it. Now, if only salad dressing and other strange places where it doesn't belong would start to change...

  2. Totally feeling you on this.

    My thing is as an insulin dependent diabetic, I don't have a choice. I mean, yeah, sometimes I cheat and get something that does have that crap in it, but I regret it almost immediately as it impacts my blood sugar levels almost immediately.

    Juices I also can't drink regularly, so, I'm S.O.L. However, you are right that it's easier to get juices without the crap than a lot of other stuff. It just seems that both the food industry and the general public need to be serious. People need to stop buying this crap and the food industry needs to stop acting like it's healthy when it's not.

  3. I know this post is old, but High Fructose Corn Syrup makes food cheaper. It adds flavor/sweetness cheaply and many companies use it to keep the price down. I also think in the U.S. we are waaaay too used to eating way too much sugar.

  4. Again, I'm an insulin dependent diabetic, so it's just not an option. I realize it's cheap, but, as they say, you get what you pay for and what people are getting is poison if it's eaten frequently.

    It's just frustrating to have to search high and low. As I mentioned in the post, things would level out and they have as my apartment is reasonable and it seems like it's a situation that can work for me right now. My expenses have leveled out and I can actually go to better places for things. It's a non-issue now.

    The problem is what about people who are stuck at that level of income where the 99 cent store is where they go? No wonder so many people in the USA are sick. It's really sad.


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