Friday, September 7, 2007

CPR Lessons!

Update (Sept. 22, 2007 @ 8:47pm)

Eeeek! I have to announce that there is no update because I had to miss the CPR training.

Oh well, maybe next year...


This is just completely random but cute. I was heading off to lunch today after finishing my morning class. I saw some students from our EMT department with tables set up and a dummy laid prone. One of the students was practicing CPR on it.

As soon as they saw me I heard them whisper my name. I'm a pretty popular instructor, and I immediately picked up the pace. I knew they were coming after me. However, in heels I couldn't bust out into a full sprint.

One very determined student caught up to me. Her English wasn't very good, so we muddled through in Korean. They'd set up the tables to get people to sign up for CPR training sessions in two weeks. She told me it would be free for me because I'm an instructor there. I said "what the hell?" and signed up.

They were also set up in front the building where my office is located. Specifically, there were students from my class there who tried to get me to sign up too. I told them the date and the time, so they got off my back.

This is going to be interesting because it's the student(s) who'll be teaching me.

In two weeks I'll update the blog with my ExpatJane Learns CPR post ;)

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