Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm A Quality Time Waster Prolific Blogger!!!

Update 2 (Oct. 1, 2007 @11:58am)

Maybe it's just rankings season in the blogosphere or something, but Gdog over at The Daily Kimchi put up a list of the 47 most popular Korea blogs and I'm there along with my friends the Metropolitician and ZenKimchi.

The Metropolitician is 2nd, I'm 4th and ZenKimchi placed 12th and 15th.

I feel like one of those award winners. "Um, it's just an honor to be named."

Thanks for putting it together Gdog!

Update 1 (Sept. 22, 2007 @ 3:44am):


I got linked on Top Ten Black Bloggers (September 2007) . One real shout out and one funny shout out in the same week.


OhmyfuckingGod. I woke to to get this comment:

You've just won an award. Dress up --meaning put on your best t-shirt an pick it up!

So clicked on the link and headed over to see what was going on. I and a few other bloggers have been named as the first receipeints of the Quality Time Waster Prolific Blogger Award. The purpose:
These are for those giant vacuum cleaner blogs that suck me in, amuse me and keep me from about all the stuff I should really be doing. Yes, to the casual bystander it's a waste of time, but you and I know it's a quality journey.

It's funny but, really, I'm happy to be called prolific because at least I'm getting something done. Goodness knows I don't clean my apartment. I've also heard from friends in China that they can't read my blog there, so I'm banned in China! That's gotta be good for something? No?

Oh the honor! Click over if you want to read my acceptance speech ;-)

Thanks very much Kanani!

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  1. I must say, I do appreciate the opportunity you give an international audience to spend great portions of their day. Imagine... 24/7, around the globe, we are wasting our time--wonderfully so, by reading about Korean university scandals and Sundubu Jjigae and such things as that.

  2. Sundubu jigae is a serious topic when you're hungry and it's cold outside ;)

  3. Hello, fellow quality time waster.

    Like you, I'm just so proud to have won this award. I was thinking of only running my blog for a year; now I'm considering keeping it up for a little while longer.

    I love blogging; if you bore people, you can't tell you're doing it because you can't see their faces. And if you're prolific, you don't get people telling you to put a sock in it, you get a cool award you can put on your blog.

  4. Blogging is a lot of fun.

    Actually, I think I'm still finding my voice. This blog is more like a patchwork quilt with a lot of Korea, but with race and culture issues too. Layer on top of that entertainment stuff and also the weird stuff that catches my eye and I've got a blog that's due to be divided up or regorganized in some way.

    (At least Blogger has tags now, so that helps.)


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