Wednesday, September 12, 2007

White On White Crime at the MTV VMAs!!!

I know this is a couple of days behind the curve, but it's funny to me and I'm in my office with nothing to do but either write or study. Guess which one I've chosen?

I didn't even bother watching this year's MTV VMAs. Outside of Alicia Key's performance I heard that most of it was just shiteous.

The funniest story to me is Kid Rock and Tommy Lee getting into it.

On one forum I frequent quite a bit the issue that's on the menu is this: Had the two men getting into it been black there would have been much more said about this. There would be talk show sessions and all sorts of pundits coming out of the woodwork to opine. In all honesty, I would probably have been talking too.

However, with this one all I heard of it was that Kid Rock and Tommy Lee came to blows at some point during the show. But if that were 50 Cent and Kanye going at it, there would have been a much more serious delivery by the news media.

When I watched CNN International. They put Britney's crappy performance up and then segued to the fight story and they were pretty much laughing the whole time. "Oh those funny Pam Anderson ex-husbands and public fights."

So why is it when two black men have at it, oh, they're so violent but when two white men have at it, there has got to be some reason and it's actually more funny than not?

Well here is the page MTV put up showing the fight (big yawn).

What's funniest is what follows the lame smack down. The commentaries by P. Diddy and Jamie Foxx were spot on. They were joking, but those jokes come from something that we in the black American community see a lot (and I know it's not just limited to black Americans, but that's where I'll draw the generalization line.)

What we see is this: a fear of black anger or aggression. It really does feel like anytime a black person is upset it's due to our inherently violent natures. We're told to calm down. However, let two white guys go at it and well, there has to be a reason.

Guess what folks? Even with black on black crime and even with the crime rate in the black community, when black folks go there THERE IS A REASON. Not all reasons are valid and definitely not all reasons justify the action taken. However, I know when I loose my temper it's not because I'm unhinged and just go around loosing my temper. It's because something or someone has pushed me too far.

There are other bloggers out there who are much more prolific on this topic. Some are even funny: Attack of the GIANT NEGROES!!

Look at Attack of the GIANT NEGROES!! and the stories and headlines that the NYT published way back when. That's serious! Look at that. Read it with the same seriousness you read the NYT or whatever news source now and then tell me that this stuff isn't deeply ingrained into US society and politics.

It most certainly is and the reaction to this fight between these two stars reflects it too.

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