Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hillary Deathwatch by Slate: In Bad Taste But Fitting

Okay, I've pretty much had it with this. We knew she wouldn't go away and unite the party even if she didn't take both Indiana and North Carolina. She barely won Indiana and got firmly beaten in North Carolina.

Now she's running back to the white voter. Um, lady, the people voting for Obama ARE white too. Blacks are around 12% of the US population.

Good grief.

What's funnier is the folks over at the Trailhead blog at Slate had a Obama Doomsday Scenario contest:

Obama Doomsday Scenario Contest Results!

Yesterday, Trailhead invited readers to imagine what would have to happen for Barack Obama to lose the Democratic nomination. And boy did you respond. You, dear readers, are a motley assortment of creative and disturbed geniuses.

Scenarios tended to fall into a few categories: embarrassing revelations, major screw-ups, Clinton ex machinas, and unfortunate occurrences. Others involved Obama turning out to be someone—or something—other than himself, such as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright (“note that you never see the Rev. & Obama in the same place!”), “the smoke monster from Lost,” Dennis Kucinich in disguise, and John McCain’s illegitimate black child. Several other scenarios involved zombie attacks and alien invasions. Yet another described a heinous Aristocrats-like stage performance by the Obama family.

We can’t possibly share them all, but here’s a sampling organized by category. Winners are at the bottom.

Embarrassing revelations:

Obama is actually 34 years old, too young to be president.—Marc Sylvestre

Video surfaces of Obama at that Rev. Wright “God Damn America” sermon that he claims he didn't attend, especially if the video shows him applauding that statement.—Brian Weber

Obama photographed raising pinky while sipping latte!—Benjamin Clark

Customs agents find one of Natalee Holloway's “Carlos ’n Charlie's Aruba” T-shirts in his luggage.—Tom Grayman

Obama’s opening his mail while being interviewed by Bill O’Reilly. He drops a Hallmark card. O’Reilly helpfully picks it up for him and reads the inscription: “Barack: Thanks for the visa! See you soon! Your BFF, Nadhmi.”—Boyd Reed

Pictures of an 8-year-old Obama in his local neighborhood bomb-making class with William Ayers and other Weather Undergrounders.—Jen Geiger

The Drudge Report uncovers shocking photographic evidence that Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden were actually college roommates. … They depict Bin Laden doing keg stands while Obama stands to the side holding his turban and counting in Arabic.—Rudy Santelises

He shot Alexander Hamilton. And there's video.—Andrew Rice

Reader Mark Schondorf submits a whole list of shocking twists, including: “Hillary summons a Kraken”; “Obama was a ghost THE WHOLE TIME!!!”; “Hillary goes back in time to kill Obama’s mother”; “Hillary wins because, as it turns out, she's Keyser Söze”; and “Unbelievably, the aliens are afraid of water.”

Major screw-ups:

Obama confesses that the blackout “ending” of the series finale of The Sopranos was his idea.—Scott Schiefelbein

The only way that Obama could possibly lose the nomination is if video of him punching a baby surfaced.—Nick Wilhelmy

There is only one unforgivable crime in America … dogfighting.—Tom Bianchi

The reason he doesn't believe the government created AIDS is because he did.—Shane Mehling

Clinton ex machina:

The best scenario for Hillary is to run as John McCain’s running mate. And for McCain to die.—Dea Henrich [So Obama would still be the nominee, but we had to include.—Ed.]

The Clinton campaign digs up records in the National Archives proving that Hawaii was not a state at the time of Obama's birth, thereby making him ineligible.—Pamela Belyn

Bill Clinton starts campaigning on his behalf before June 3.—Eric Samuels

Hillary sheds two tears.—Jon Cowan

Unfortunate occurrences:

Obama will need to be photographed windsurfing … and then get eaten by a shark.—Stephen Defibaugh

Obama, trying to fit in with the Oregon locals, goes on a white-water rafting tour arranged by Lanny Davis Excursions.—Boyd Reed

Hillary invites Barack to her home in Chappaqua to talk about ending the race. The visit eerily resembles the movie Misery.—Boyd Reed

The winners:
The best submissions managed to make a concise joke, summarize all of Obama’s vulnerabilities at once, or vividly capture the mind-bending paucity of Clinton’s odds of survival. Here are three that did the job:

3rd place: Hillary appeals to the Supreme Court, which, based upon a 2000 ruling, decides that the candidate with fewer votes wins the election.—John Kirkbride

2nd place: Hillary Clinton must parachute into Pakistan while under heavy sniper fire, infiltrate al-Qaida using a fake beard, putty nose, and duct tape, and capture Osama Bin Laden, whilst singing the “Star Spangled Banner” with one hand over her heart and an American flag lapel pin prominently shown on her outfit. She must film all of this in HD and create a montage scored to Lee Greenwood's “God Bless the U.S.A.” Meanwhile, Barack Obama must publicly convert to Islam and change his name to Osama Hafez al-Mohammed Hussein Ayatollah Obama, while burning an American flag in the Crystal Cathedral as he replaces the crucifix with a do-it-yourself Piss Christ, while performing an abortion on the exhumed body of Terri Schiavo. He should also be naked. It should then rain frogs. That ought to do it.—Jason in San Diego

1st place: One of the lesser-known consequences of quantum physics is an event called “quantum tunneling.” Here's how it happens: At a campaign stop in West Virginia, completely out of the blue, the aggregate wave functions of all the particles in Barack Obama's body end up instantaneously transporting him through the entire Earth and leaving him treading water somewhere in the Indian Ocean, or leaving his various particles scattered inside the mantle. The odds of this occurring are such that any macroscopic object tunneling through any barrier is highly unlikely in the lifespan of the universe, but it could occur!—Michael Blessington

Thank you for the submissions. You heard them here first!

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  1. At this point, she is almost surely in talks with Obama and the party as to what position she will get for leaving the race. I doubt a VP slot will be it, but something of importance.

    She will win West Virginia, and leave the race claiming a victory of sorts.

  2. She probably will win West Virginia. I have no idea what the demographics are there but that's the feeling most are giving that WV is hers to loose.

    I'm just wondering about the margin of victory because that's becoming a big issue too. Basically, she gets the older liberal voter and, honestly, the Obama campaign does have to keep that in mind. Young voters of historically hard to get to the polls. However, should he land the nomination, I think we just might see a surge of young voters stepping up.

    The older voter isn't sure about all this "change" rhetoric because it hasn't been parsed out in detail. It's the details that are missing and it's the details that will send him to defeat or to victory.

    I still think the deathwatch his hilarious as it's got her to 2.3%.


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