Friday, May 2, 2008

War, Inc.

Just 'cause I really do adore John Cusack's work...I know, I know...everyone loves Say Anything and his character Lloyd Dobler, but my favorite is the dark comedy Grosse Point Blank and his character Martin Blank. I've got others like The Grifters and this post reminds me to put Being John Malkovich in the DVD player as I've not watched it for awhile.

For us here in Seoul, I don't know if War, Inc. will ever reach the theaters. Even if it does it's a dark satire that might not translate well.

However, where it's playing I hope it gets a lot of people going to the box office. We need more films that are critical of what's going on.

The info: the film will open in L.A. and New York on May 23rd. It has already premiered in NYC at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The trailer:

More links:

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Huffington Post: John's articles on the Huff Post - He interviewed Naomi Klein and wrote a few blogs. The passion of John Cusack
Crooks and Liar's: C&L WELCOMES JOHN CUSACK FOR A LIVE BLOG SESSION on WAR Inc. (Chat Transcript with John Cusack) - Just a Minute (video Interview with John Cusack)
John Cusack's MySpace page

Totally unrelated to War Inc. - poor John has inherited a clearly nutty stalker who was previously arrested for stalking Tom Cruise - now she's moved on to John: Cusack's Alleged Stalker Arrested

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