Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sharon Stone's comment...

I know that Sharon Stone is getting flogged for the comment she made at the Cannes Film Festival about the earthquakes in China being caused by bad karma.

The thing is recently I heard a similar comment made when I was spending time with girlfriends here in Seoul.

My reply was if all these people in China suffered and died because of the actions of the Chinese government that the same can be said when bad things befall Americans.

I just think it's flawed logic, if you can even call it logic, to tie the cause of natural disasters to government policies.

So to Sharon and others, please think a bit more before making those sorts of comments. There is definitely cause and effect. I've got my issues with China on quite a few issues. However, I also love many things about the country. I am in awe of its culture, its history, and its recent economic development.

However, do you really believe that people are made to suffer in a strict karmic balancing act due to the action or inaction of their respective governments?*

If so, think a bit more critically about your beliefs.

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*That's not to say that governments don't impact the lives for better or for worse of their citizens. Of course they do. However, I don't think massive natural disasters apply. A governments response or lack thereof to a natural disaster, yes. But the natural disaster itself? That's lunacy.

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