Thursday, May 15, 2008

Multilingual Radio Station Targeting Foreign Spouses

This is some good news.

It looks like someone has finally figured out that all of these foreign wives that Korean men are taking might need a taste of home.

Someone I met when I first arrived was a Filipina who married a Korean. I was sad to see her frequently homesick and wishing for anything from her culture. I hope this will the start helping women in her situation adapt better when they take a Korean national as a spouse and have to make a new life in a country that isn't the friendliest to foreigners.

New Multilingual Radio Targeting Expats

Korea’s first multilingual radio station aimed at foreign spouses of Koreans and other long-term residents will start services in August. The Woongjin Group’s charity foundation said Monday it will set up a multicultural radio station and start programs in Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog and Thai from Aug. 1.

After three months of preparation, the station will be on air 24 hours a day on audio music channel 855 of satellite television Skylife, and on digital audio channel 313 on cable television C&M.

The foundation plans to expand the service to eight languages later by adding Arabic, Japanese, Mongolian and Russian. “Although the number of expatriates living in Korea has surpassed 1 million, they are still experiencing difficulties adapting to Korean society due to the language barrier,” said Shin Hyon-ung, chief of the foundation.

“Our radio station will offer them opportunities to listen to music and literary works from their home countries, as well as running programs like Korean language education and tips on searching for jobs in Korea, and providing legal and medical information.”
Honestly, I think the English language radio programs here suck, but, at least, we have some in English.

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