Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An English Teacher Under Quarantine in South Korea

Okay, this is the inverse of the great health care system they've got in South Korea. Someone has decided to quarantine off over 50 English teachers there.

Click above for the link to the blog written by the dirty foreigners who are quarantined because of N1H1 virus fears in South Korea.

I've got to say, it's crap like this that does make me happy I'm not there anymore. Here I don't have health insurance and here some people grab their purses tighter when I'm nearby, but still I don't have to deal with being an outsider more often than not.

Last I checked the virus originated in Mexico!

Now I've gone back and read how it started. They were working with someone who came down with it, but I think they'd have it by now. Okay, I'm not a doctor, but this really seems to be over the top.

(Okay, yes, the USA has it's dumb leader moments too...we just had 8 years of it.)

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  1. LOL at people clutching their purses when you are nearby. I am like Regina has traveled to places you only dream about and that big over sized purse you are clutching probably has about three dollars in it and a bunch of maxed out credit cards.

    Nevertheless I would expect South Korea to go to the extreme of pointing out foreigners as being the problem. I am like South Korea you are going to have change that hostile mentality towards foreigners. I mean Japan could not have done that much damage to the psyche.

  2. Heh! I don't know who caused all that damage ;)

    Actually, I think a huge part of it is culture. Also, there are a lot of Koreans who agree this sort of stuff is stupid, but they don't speak up. It really is about not rocking the boat there. The problem is to change society for the better, you do have to rock the boat. They'll figure it out...eventually.


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