Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Emergency Room Visit :(

Update: May 27, 2009 @ 2:59pm

Much better now - my stitches are out and the wound is doing its best to heal (taken June 5th) ;)

Well, between Twitter and Facebook, I've gotten a ton of well wishes. Thanks everyone.

I'm recovering now. Unfortunately, I am sporting the domestic violence victim look. I know, I know. I ought not say that, but come on. It is what it is.

When I was in the ER, the nurse who took my history asked me straight out if I felt safe where I was staying. I'm glad they're checking because if it were domestic abuse I'd want someone to help me.

Instead, it's simply a diabetic snafu. Good intentions (my friend trying to get me out of a hot car) coupled with my over-zealous insulin use resulted in an accident which required 5 stitches and a prominent piece of gauze taped to my forehead. It's not pretty, but sometimes life just isn't pretty.

The one thing that is irritating? When you KNOW people want to know what happened and they don't ask. That's so much more about them and the internal drama in their minds than about me. I'm in Manhattan today. In the two hours I've been here, I've gotten four "what happened?" questions. Not bad Big Apple ;-)

It's much more fun than the awkward side-eye. Just ask people, really. If the person ends up being mean to you or short with you, you'll have your answer real quick. The person probably got popped upside the head. I'm thinking since I'm on the other side of it right now that it's probably not as bad as it looks.

After a weekend of drinking in Avalon on the Jersey Shore, I get back and I'm steps away from my friend's door. Only THEN do I fall down face first. I'm all good now.

Here is an ER pic taken by my friend:

I MIGHT update later. Then again, I might not.

I've got a few stitches, and I got a CAT-scan, so all seems to be good ;)

What I'm not looking forward to, that EMT and ER bill. Maybe I ought to send this to the White House's email too!

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  1. OMG I hope you're OK! Get well soon!

  2. Thanks Karine.

    It looks worse than it is, I think. I've got stitches and all seems to be okay right now.

    I'm hoping for a complication-free recovery.


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