Saturday, May 30, 2009

Eric Lewis, DNA Lounge in San Francisco on June 4th

Darn, darn, darn...

I got this message the other day about there being another fundraiser at the DNA Lounge featuring Eric Lewis. I'd love to go again since I had to cut out early to see the LINES Ballet that night*.

Now that I'm on the other coast, I won't make it, but maybe you can go if you're in San Francisco.

Here is the information:

He's back, he's better than ever *and* there's an open bar for the first two hours of the event sponsored by Fame Route (

This is another fund-raising event for DNA Lounge.

Please RSVP via Eventbrite and bring a friend! The more people who's lives are touched by Eric Lewis, the better.

See you there!

Cyan, Oren, Eric, Nancy & Fame Route
(Bad timing all around because I just heard The Roots are going to be at Davies Hall tonight and, yeah, I'll be in Manhattan...go figure. I missed their show in Seoul too. Boo!)

Anyway, Lewis kills on the piano in ways you never imagined. If you've got a chance to see him, go.

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