Sunday, May 3, 2009

A real shift?

I saw this when I was shopping for clothes today. I had to buy it. Liberal left beliefs being associated with red, white and blue? Wow! So here it is on my desk on top of some of my notes.

With Obama in office, I do think the political tide has shifted significantly. I wouldn't say I'm a bleeding heart liberal, but I tend to land more often than not on the liberal side of the spectrum when it comes to politics.

I think Libertarianism, in theory, is ideal. However, I simply lack faith in a non-regulated system to do the right thing. I mean just look at the current economy, the health care system and the education systems in the US. The system is in shambles. The non-regulated system simply has failed people. Less government doesn't always yield the right result. I think that's simply because people are more out for themselves than for the greater good.

Anyway, in the post-9/11 environment the political environment regarding US politics was very much about attacking anyone who was critical of George W. Bush and the Executive branch. I was very critical and, even if you toughen yourself up, it's hurtful to have people imply that you're un-American because you disagree with government policy. They seem to forget that in a democracy, that's what happens. You get to solutions by discussing your differences, not by attacking those who disagree. Not everyone agrees and that's seen as a positive aspect of the system. I'm glad to see that it's more acceptable now to accept disagreement.

I'm just glad to see that the new attitude has made it into the market. Maybe all of us liberals will see this mug and help out the economy by actually buying something ;)

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