Friday, May 29, 2009

Kyung and the Dressless

Kyung and the Dressless

Okay, it's not because she's Korean, but it doesn't hurt ;) I got an email from Daily Candy on this custom dress shop and I just think it's a grand idea. When I was in Asia, I had a few things made for me. It's great to have something made just for you.

It seems they have a few standard patterns. Then you pick the fabric. After a couple of weeks, your dress is ready.

Now, honestly, the end results of their dresses I didn't think were so great. However, if you've got a strong sense of what works on you and what doesn't you can go here, pick something and have your own custom made frock.

Yes, it's much cheaper and probably quicker if you know how to sew, but I don't. This will have to do ;)

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