Sunday, May 3, 2009

Move - Phase II - The Ultimate Metropolis

I've got an interview on Thursday in Manhattan and, duh, please tell me why I packed all my professional clothes and shipped those via the slowest way possible? If you read the other post I made today, that's why I was shopping.

Anyway, I'm totally excited but also completely terrified. I'm hoping against hope that something comes of this interview. I'm also seeing some great ads for places in NYC, so I hope I find one that works for me. I'll head east early next week, and I'll stay with a friend.

The nerves are part of my personality. In contrast, I was in the same state when my interview for Ewha Womans University's GSIS program was coming up. I had the same paranoia when my law school applications were out. Hell, now that I think about it I was a mess when I was waiting for word from UCLA way back when. I recall with both law school and UCLA that, ironically, I wasn't at home. Both times, someone got the mail, opened the letter (because they knew I was waiting for the result) and I heard it from them. For UCLA, it was my mom who told me (and initially punk'd me because she said I didn't get in....cruel.) For law school, it was my roommate in San Francisco who told me. (My parents had passed away, I'd moved, but I was in L.A. sorting through stuff and dealing with probate.)

I'm feeling the same way right now - nervous. However, all those other situations worked out, so I'm reminding myself that, if the trend holds, NYC will too.

What's funny is I didn't have these nerves when I quit my job way back when and got on a plane to Korea. I think that was because I knew I was going into a pretty stable situation. I had a job, I had an address and it all was set. Granted, I was going to a completely different culture, but in terms of the basics, I had a job to report to and there was someone waiting for me at the airport.

I'm sure the more I think on it, I'll figure out what the difference is and why I literally catch myself holding my breath in the approach to heading to the east coast.

I've given myself tonight as my last night of doing nothing. The next three days will be me packing, moving stuff into storage and sending stuff back east before Miss Kitty and I fly east on Tuesday evening.

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  1. You are amazing and any company would be lucky to have you. Just your talent alone for writing is rare and then with all your schooling and throw in your years in Korea.

    Good luck!

  2. Wow Becky, thanks.

    I'm staying positive for sure. I can and have performed under pressure. I just have to make sure this is one of those times ;)

  3. I am so excited for you! It's going to be a great experience for you, and you can totally manage it. Nerves are to be expected, and it's not like you'll let them stop you, so it's all good. Rock it!

  4. Hey Adriana!

    You're right. I'm starting to calm down a bit now and focus. I found a piece of clothing yesterday that both fits and works with some stuff I brought with me. Today I've got to pack and mail that third bag that NWA was cool enough to let me get on the plane with two months ago. American Airlines isn't half as nice regarding those sorts of things ;)

    Now it's come down to taking care of business, so I'm not going to really have much more time to stress out. That's good. Thanks for the support!


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