Friday, December 29, 2006

South Korea Report Calls North Korea A Threat

North Korean soldiers parade with the portrait of Kim Il Sung, the country's founding president, in Pyongyang to mark the 60th founding anniversary of the ruling Workers' Party in this October 2005 photo. (AP photo and caption from MSNBC).

After years of a starry-eyed and simplistic Sunshine Policy (햇볕 정책), the South Korean government again is officially taking notice of North Korea being a threat.

:::insert eye roll here:::


Washington Post: S. Korea Report Calls N. Korea a Threat
New York Times: Countries and Territories: North Korea

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  1. In the Korea Times article I read it said NK weren't the number one threat.

  2. Well, I'm talking about the government report issued by the Korean government. According to the articles I read, they've identified North Korea as a threat.

    The Korea Times may or may not see it the same way.

    I can't account for what they write.


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