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Chris Crocker on MySpace

Update 5 (Oct. 26, 2007 @ 9:07am)

I have to officially retract, that means "take back" for you all with limited vocabularies, my "wise" description of Chris. I'm a bit sad because I defended my point so well, but Chris' recent antics leave me no choice.

I'm from L.A., so I know that when people get to L.A. and people pay attention to them, they loose their heads a fair amount of the time. With this literal crotch shot spoof I think Chris has. Click over for privates in full view.

Dlisted: BARF!!!!! Chrissy Crocker Recreates Brit's Cooch Flash!

Update 4 (Sept. 26, 2007 @ 7:01pm)

Go on girl!

A recent MSN article: 'Leave Britney Alone' Guy is New Web Star

Update 3 (Sept. 19, 2007 @ 11:05am)

Okay, I know that in this ADD generation raised on the quick cuts of MTV videos and computer games that y'all don't read much or maybe don't read very well. However, let me say what I've said in the comment section.

  1. I do not know Chris Crocker.
  2. Haters...your comments will not be posted.
  3. If you have messages for him, then go to MySpace and write him. I've linked his MySpace page for a reason. I will not post letters directed to him because I'm not him and have no way of contacting him.
Okay, now go back to your MTV and computer games.

Update 2 (Sept. 15th @ 9:48pm)

Okay, a spike in traffic on this blog have been going straight to this old post, so I know it's all about viewing the Britney video or finding out more about the person who did it.

Here is an article to help you learn more: Escape from Real Bitch Island

Update 1 (Sept. 13th, 2007 @ 6:58am)

Oh, update time!

In response to Britney's horrible performance on the MTV VMAs and the blog shit storm that has followed, Chris responded with a video. I saw a clip of it with him being interviewed on ABC News. He said it was to give a voice to Britney's fans.

I noticed surge in traffic and figured something was up. So here is the video you're all looking for:

Warning the videos have a TON of swearing, so if it's not your thing, DON'T hit play. Also, if you're homophobic, this isn't for you.

With those warnings out of the way, Chris Crocker is hilarious!

I'll post the first video I got from a friend who, like me, was in medias res of the JMMSP Angry Bunny Scandal 2007 (trust me, you don't want to know more than that.) Folks were angry, someone found Chris' videos and they started getting sent around.

This & that.

That's a trip, no?

He's also hilariously funny. His comedy, like all good comedy, comes straight from real life. I know my best jokes have been those based on the weird, sad, or even offensive things that have happened to me.

Here is an example:

Real Bitch Island.

Anyway, he has more videos on and most have me laughing hysterically or nodding my head in agreement with his points. Here is an example of some of Chris' truth.

Fuck personality.

He's a funny but wise one.

He hasn't seem to have uploaded these to YouTube, and I don't know why. However, here is the link to all of Chris' videos on MySpace. You might have to join, but MySpace is a funny place in itself.


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  1. I agree, Chris Crocker is hilarious and smart as well, very original, his videos always make me laugh... that or make me think "what the hell was he thinking?"

  2. Yeah, some haters on a lame page actually linked back to me because I called Chris "wise."

    I think Chris does make some very smart points. However, if you're just so blinded by the fact that he's gay and outlandish you'll completely miss it. I'm glad you get it.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. I thinck you are right,you are not who you say you are whin you are around your frinds like im not gay but i know what you are saying.

  4. Well, I'm not gay, I'm just a certified fag hag. ;-)

    After growing up in California I do have a lot friends who are gay. I just don't care about someone's sexuality.

    Chris is hilarious. Sometimes his videos are insightful. However, if you're easily shocked and just plain homophobic, well, you'll miss the message when he's making an insightful point.


  6. Thanks for your comment.

    I agree that Chris is unique.

    But you know, they do say "imitation is the highest form of flattery". From that perspective, maybe it's a good thing ;-)

  7. Being outspoken doesn't require him to be smart. He's not really that smart. Just maybe a good theatre actor. In an age of internet celebrity, he's one of the smarter ones because his videos are dialgoue, not him doing stupid tricks.

  8. Thanks for your comment.

    However, sometimes reading my blog requires a real knowledge of vocabulary.

    I didn't say "smart". I don't know him well enough or even follow him enough to make that judgement. I said he was "wise". Wise means that you have an insight that maybe others don't have. Now that might be due to age, more time on Earth means you've experienced and learned more. However, being wise might be due to other factors too.

    So let me give you both definitions from and you can learn the difference between the words.

    smart's 4th meaning:
    Main Entry: 1smart
    Pronunciation: 'smärt
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Middle English smert causing pain, from Old English smeart; akin to Old English smeortan
    4 a : mentally alert : BRIGHT b : KNOWLEDGEABLE c : SHREWD

    versus the word I used (and I mean it in the first three senses because I'm not sure how sound some of the pranks he pulls are):

    Main Entry: wise
    Function: adjective
    Inflected Form(s): wis·er; wis·est
    Etymology: Middle English wis, from Old English wIs; akin to Old High German wIs wise, Old English witan to know -- more at WIT
    1 a : characterized by wisdom : marked by deep understanding, keen discernment, and a capacity for sound judgment b : exercising or showing sound judgment : PRUDENT

  9. Look, Chris is funny as all hell. There's no denying that. But you must admit that half the time he sounds like he's talking out of his ass. I don't honestly believe that Chris means every thing he says. I think he just says most of it to get a few giggles outta people. And that's great. It's just the only person on Earth that Chris has yet to criticize is himself. He seems like a smart guy. And he geeks me out all the time. But when he starts going on about how people 'should' be and what they 'should' think, he becomes just as bad as those hate mongering bastards. I shouldn't have to act gay just because I am. A person's sexuality should not define them. Sure, I'm gay. But I'm also a writer. I'm an actor. I'm a poet and I'm a dreamer. I also happen to be a good and intelligent person and those are the things that define me. Who I fuck has nothing to do with who I am. And I am very proud to be gay. I love pride week and every once in a while you can catch me running around with a rainbow hat on. But no one can center their entire life around their sexuality. Because then all your life would be is sex and all anything is ever about from that point on is sex. It's sad. It's probably best if we don't make a celebrity out of this boy. I'm sorry to say it, but he might actually cause some harm to the gay community.

  10. Hey everyone will have an opinon on Chris.

    Mine is mine and yours is yours. I think like other groups, no group is a monolith. Some will be conservative and some will be outlandish.

    I can't speak for the sentiments of the gay community because I'm not part of the gay community, but I'd like to think that it would accept everyone since it wants so hard to be accepted by society at large.

  11. I'd just like to say that Chris Crocker isn't "smart" or ever said anything "wise". He's not brilliant as many described him to be, he's pretty average. People are only calling him intelligent and insightful, which I've heard plenty of, because they expect someone who acts silly to be stupid. So by contrast his not so smart behaviour made him look smart, but calling him "wise" is just too much. Aside from that I have no opinion about him except that he is fun to watch.

  12. Thanks for you comment. However, that's what I think. It's my blog and that's what I wrote.

    I think he's hitting on stuff that a lot of people don't even think about and, when he does, he has some insighful things to say about it. Being silly at times doesn't mean you can't also sit down and take on more serious issues. It also means that if you're silly, you can take those issues on with humor. Some of his videos are sheer fluff and some dig a bit deeper even when he's got a wig and gloss on. Take my opinions for what they're worth, my opinions.

    If you don't agree, that's fine but beyond that your point is already known.

    You're welcome to your thoughts to, but like everyone it's just another opinion.


  13. I gotta step in and break it down.

    Haters...your comments will not be posted.

    So maybe take that to the "I Hate Chris Crocker" blog. There has to be one...if there isn't go create one, okay?

    Better yet explore why you have such anger towards someone who is just doing his thing.

    Oh and I have a tracker on my page, so y'all aren't as "anonymous" as you think. How is the weather in Bixoli today?

  14. I was getting ready and my friend was like watch this watch this, and i started to and was like i dont wanna watch it no more i just wanna change and go out, well she kept it on and i was listening. I stopped getting ready and just sat there and watched. I love this guy. Not many guys would do what he does. I dont know if he is for real or joking whatever i can careless, this is so funny. I really like it, I wanna see more of this guy. Hes cool. its so good. I really like it. Im all for Chris Crocker!! xoxo love Jodi

  15. Glad you found something new Jodi!

    I haven't watched his stuff pretty much since I wrote this, but I'm sure there are tons of new videos on MySpace ;-)

  16. I like Chris Crocker, I think he's hilarious and does, at most times, speak truth and is very insightful. I was enjoying his video's until I saw "brotherly love" which is quite disturbing and disgusting. I still think he's funny, but "wise" not so much. A "wise" person wouldn't be making out with his brother, on camera, and then post it online for all to see.

    He's funny and adorable at times, but that particular video turns me off in so many ways.

  17. Er, okay Anonymous.

    One, I haven't seen the video as I haven't really watched his stuff since publishing this post 'cause I've been busy.

    Two, are you absolutely sure it's his brother or is he using "brother" in the more sweeping sense of the word?

    Three, people keep harping on my use of "wise" and it's just a cheap shot. I'm referring to the little bits of truth he cuts to when he tackles some topics.

    So whether he makes out with his real brother and posts it up for all the world to see (ewwwwwwww, nasty - both the making and out posting of that) or he's punk'd you all, when he talks about people being fake and superficial he still has insight and that makes him wise.

    Deal with it.

  18. Another shout out to the stupid because I link Chris' MySpace profile for a reason.

    If you have messages for him, then go to MySpace and write him.

    Chris has nothing to do with this blog post. I think I made it clear I saw his stuff, thought it was funny and decided to blog it. That's easy concept. But to be clear, it means I DON'T KNOW CHRIS CROCKER.

    Again, send messages directly to him on MySpace. Any messages sent as comments that are clearly written to Chris will be deleted because I moderate comments for a reason. If you don't trolls start posting just because they can.

    He's got a MySpace page. Use it.


  19. Was just Googling Chris because I'm bored and stumbled onto this. Already a long time fan, but just wanted to say I share your sentiments. Also suggest that you read "Escape from Real Bitch Island" if you haven't already. Fascinating read.


    I think it is a shame that Chris has so many "haters". I think anyone from any walk of life - with an open mind - can take major lessons away from Chris' videos.

    Not because he is smart.
    Not because he is wise.
    Not because he is gay.

    Because he is a survivor. Because despite everyone being against him his whole life he still remained true to himself. Because despite living in the center of the most homophobic place in America he is still Chris Crocker and makes no apologizes.

    He is an awesome person with a lot of laughter covering up a lot of pain and I wish him the best. I just wish the haters could stop hating.

    So, yeah, um, lost my point. Whatever. Go Chris, go Chris supporters, and here's hoping he gets his fierce ass out of Bitch Island someday soon!

  20. Awesome comment.

    Honestly, I was starting to worry that all the bright people had been locked away somewhere ;-)

    Thanks for the tip on the article. It's long, and I'm tired. I'll read it in full tomorrow.

    For those clueless on it, like I was, here is the link: Escape from Real Bitch Island

  21. Oh, just wanted to add (a day later..heh) in response to the "Brotherly Love" video: I don't know if you already know since it has been a month since that comment, but the guy in that video is NOT really his brother.

    It is just Chris' very special brand of humor, though the video did ruffle a few hundred many of his videos do. :P

    It was his boyfriend, but not his brother. Just wanted to clear that up.

  22. Yeah, I figured as much which is why I said it in my reply.

    I mean that WOULD be soooooooooooooo gross. LOL, but I can also see how it would be so over the top to see how many idiots would believe it.

    The age of talk shows has ruined us.

    Thanks for clearing that up though ;-)

  23. I find Chris interesting, funny but his sexuality too much of a focus. I'm a white bisexual man with urban AND rural southern roots with a REAL biracial ghetto sister. I try to take part in the larger community and engage people from all backgrounds, not get angry and don't stereotype. Let's love each other and not be angry. After all, we're all in the same boat together.

  24. That's cool, but I think that he's focusing on it because it's that "thing" that sets him apart in the community in which he lives.

    It's easy to say not to focus on that when you're in an environment that isn't pointing your sexuality out to you all the time.

    I'm in no position to analyze him, but I think he's focusing on it because those around him focus on it.

  25. Chris embodies what turns average people off about the 'gay' community.. he tries to be some kind of bizarre caricature of women. If I was a woman I would be insulted at his over the top act. He obviously thrives on attention and does his best to position himself as a victim through his outlandish behavior.

    To me it's almost a form of mysogyny. Does he really think femininity is all about makeup and silliness and histrionics? It's definitely an insult to people who have experienced the injustice of racism and bigotry. He wants to be a victim, and it's just sad.

    If a woman acted like him, I think she would find herself ostracized as well.

  26. Your read on his m.o. We're all entitled to our opinion.

    Honestly, if effeminate men are enough to turn people off then they have no concept of reality because there is a RANGE of people in all communities. There are feminine men and there are manly men who are straight, bi and gay. The same goes for women. There are girly girls who are lesbians and there are stout framed, no make-up wearing women who are straight.

    I've been offended by some cross-dressers and trannies who have a very one dimensional view on women too. There are a lot of straight men who have a very one dimensional view on women too.

    There are certain kinds of girls who also have terribly dimensional views of women.

    None of them are right.

    Chris is acting it out as an Internet celeb. I'm not really feeling the need to blame him for other people's silliness.

  27. Why exactly is Chris wise? I've watched a few of his videos and not a single one of them contained anything "wise."

    What did you find wise about this leave britney alone video? Honestly, all he said was that she's been through a divorce and had kids. That's it.

    And in today's day and age you think that that is enough to make everything better? My mother went through a hell of a lot more than that and never shaved her head or flashed the world. So why is Chris wise for excusing britney? The answer is: He's not.

    I don't give a rats ass if Chris is gay or not, personally. I just think he's an attention whore.

  28. Todd,

    I've replied a few times already on my read of why I described him as wise, so show your wisdom, go back and READ.

    As for his defense of Britney, I don't really care. I just noticed people were finding their way here looking for the video, so I linked it. However, if you noticed it's an UPDATE. So I didn't say this defense was wise. In fact, I haven't made any commentary on it at all.

    Your mom is irrelevant to Chris or anyone else's life except maybe yours and the people who she's impacted along the way. With all due respect, I don't think anyone really cares about her show of restraint. I do wish, however, Britney would try some form of that restraint. However, in her situation and with all the wrong people around her, I don't think that will happen anytime soon.

    And if Chris is merely an attention whore, then you've fufilled his mission by watching and going out of your way to comment.

  29. I've watched Chris for quite a while now. I don't know how I found him on you tube but I subscribe to his videos. It's amazing what he can do with basically nothing.

    His videos are very entertaining and I'm happy for him that he got what he wanted which was more exposure and hopefully this will turn into something big for him.

  30. Grrrrrrrrr, I hate it when my browser crashes!

    Anyway, I discovered Chris via MySpace when someone send the This & That video to me. I was just floored because it was so funny but you could tell it wasn't JUST about being funny. A lot of good comedy comes from pain and that's how I read some of the videos.

    The thing is since I made this post back in January, I haven't had much time to watch him. I was loaded down with tons of stuff to do at the time. Click around and you'll see I was so busy with work and school I barely had time for anything.

    I too wish him success in his future.

  31. I liked his "The Secret" video best. It's very cute and surreal. In his peformances, I sense an Andy Kaufman technique of deliberately provoking the audience to get them as riled up as possible.

  32. Hey Anon @ 6:31am ;-)

    I haven't seen "The Secret" video, but the Andy Kaufman comparison is great.

    If you've read some of the other comments you can see a lot of people are too dense to pick up on that. Then again, a lot of people were too dense for Kaufman's stuff too.

  33. I have posted feedback on a few of Chris's videos comparing his to SNL skits. I do not understand why more people don't see this, such as the last anonymous person compared him to Andy Kaufman?

    I think he has great talent as a comedian, actor, and entertainer. His satires are just, as you said, a reflection of his internal conflict in the situation he finds himself in. Many great and talented entertainers and comedians found a source of inspiration from their own life such as John Leguiziamo (the stand up show he did on HBO where he poked fun at his Latin upringing it was funny yet sad to watch at the same time like Chris's skits), and Bill Envall/Jeff Foxworthy poking fun at themselves and "Rednecks".

    And just a side note, a man who can generate world-wide attention, controversy, and tons of hits on his sites, isn't just wise he's a freakin' genious!! He discovered the key to getting noticed, and went with it. It's more than most of us would have the courage to do.

  34. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh,

    You're in trouble now. I called him "wise" and look at all the stupid guff I have to deal with. You've called him a genius.

    It's good you didn't leave a link to a blog or something ;-)

    What's scary is in showing my appreciation of his humor, I can see how stupid people are over stuff they have no control over, like other people's lives. People should spend more time worrying about their own.

    I get a bit of a tightening in my tummy when I get a comment on this Chris Crocker post because it can be positive or it can be some fuckwit going on about how they don't like gays.

    Whatever...fuckwits, re-read the last bit above and worry about your own lives.

    Anyways, thanks for your comment, Zenobia.

  35. I got a comment that was supposed to be linked to one of the many Chris Crocker 'Leave Britney Alone' spoofs. However, the link is messed up, so I didn't publish it.

    If you know how to put links in Blogger comments (meaning, I know and I'm not telling - it's easy enough to figure out), then hit "preview" and check the link before submitting the comment.


  36. Hey Chris...nice work are today's most happing thing on created a revolution...and there people interested in listening to advice to you should start talking more about.. election...Iran's president(ahemd-nut-job whatever)...common man...i am sure you can change the results for 08 elections...or stop war with Iraq..or upcoming war with Iran....if you think this is joke...give it a try...peace

  37. Interesting comment anonymous @ 5:24pm but I highly doubt Chris checks my blog. Great positive feedback.

    Next time send him a message on his MySpace page 'cause I have linked it.

  38. Expatjane do you have any old Chris Crocker videos, that aren't available on his Myspace/Youtube accounts? Thx

  39. Hey Anon @ 8:51am KST ;)

    Nope, the best thing would probably be to send Chris a message on MySpace or start a blog or petition asking him to put more up.

    I'm sure he wouldn't mind the attention.

  40. In response to the comment I got from the "anonymous" commentor that I chose not to publish.

    1) insulting me is the quickest way not to be published and the easiest way to be laughed at.

    2) commenting on Chris being gay is also just so obvious, since it's been months since I posted this, guess what? I know he's gay. You idiot.

    3) you're not as anonymous as your cowardly comment indicates you think you are.

    What do I know about you:

    a) unfortunately, a Google search led you to my blog.
    b) you're in Croatia
    c) your ISP is, DCM d.o.o. - Zagreb at and I know your IP address
    d) you're in Osijek, Osjecko-Baranjska, Crotia

    So stupid. Go leave a comment on the "dumb ass racist homophobe blog".

    Take care moron and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    Now to shift my attention back to the rugby World Cup final between England and South Africa.

  41. I love what you wrote about Chris Crocker. You bring out the best of Chris Crocker! I believe he is the Gandhi of pop culture.

    Check out this article I wrote on Chris titled "Chris Crocker--The Salvation of Modern Pop Culture," and tell me what you think about it. I welcome all feedback, whether positive or negative. Those who disagree with what I posit about Chris do like the overall article.

  42. In my mad scramble to get things together before I leave for vacation, I'll just say that I'll take a look at your article soon. But it probably won't be until next week sometime.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving the link and a comment.

  43. I can't stand Chris after seeing the videos he posted where he said that Britney Spears and his hair are more important than the 9/11 attacks. What an insensitive thing to say.


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