Tuesday, June 12, 2007

That Last Push

Today is my mom's birthday, but she's been dead and gone for a few years now. However, of course, I still think about her quite often. Happy Birthday momma!

Today is also the day before my last two finals in my international studies program. I thought I'd post the essential items I have here with me in my office to help me study. I have one more class to teach in about 30 minutes and then I'll rush back here, order take out (probably sushi - 초밥, "cho bap", as they call it here) and then I'll study until it's time to take the last bus back to Seoul.

The items:

Wish me luck!

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  1. Hi Jane, I found you because I was looking for other American expats, specifically from CA like me.

    I wanted to leave a note on this post because, although a person never knows what another feels exactly, I empathize with you. I still remember my mom and dad on their birthdays, even though they've been gone a few years. It's nice to honor their role in your life, which continues to shape and live in you.

    How did your finals go?

  2. Yeah, it's one of those things that I don't talk about much because very few people know what to say.

    But my blog gives me the chance to cast a virtual shout out to my great parents.

    As for my finals, they went well and my grades are still pending. Now I have to finish up my thesis and get it bound and I'll be done.

  3. Jane, your mother's legacy lives in you!

    Good luck on the finals, hope they went well.

    If you ever return to Los Angeles Kanani and I will throw a bloggers party for you.

    Stay positive,

  4. Thanks for the positive vibe.

    I know my mom would be proud but probably weirded out a bit too. Who expected me to enroll in a master's program in Seoul? Not me ... ;)

    As for my finals, I think they went well. Now I just need to pound out this thesis.

    I plan to move back home to L.A. so eventually that bloggers party will happen.


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