Saturday, December 8, 2007

Just Kidding Films...ahahahahaha

Okay, I have to say I'm not sure how much someone who hasn't lived in Korea will get this, BUT if you have, get ready to laugh your ass off.

The whole "Koreans are nice people" while juxtaposed with the anger and insecurity Korean culture has is played out so well here. Plus, as they say, Koreans only beat their wives...ouch.

It's really funny to hear a Korean tell me they're so nice like it's worthy of a medal. This is particularly so when en route to meet that person you got shoved out of the way maybe 3 or 4 times by little Korean women who just had to get on the bus before you. I always reply that, yes, Koreans are nice but there are nice people in every culture.

These guys nail the bizarre ranting ajosshi. How many times have I witnessed the "Korea #1" rants? Many. They're just funny although sometimes scary. I know what's behind it, so I just try to take it in stride. These guys spoofed it well.

More from them:
Just Kidding Films on YouTube
Just Kidding Films' MySpace page

Thanks ZenKimchi for posting this.

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  1. ha! Though I haven't lived in Korea, I recognize some of the parodied sentiments in things my relatives have said. (My mother left Korea for Los Angeles when she was 25.) Sometimes one needs the awkward, uncomfortable recognition that leads to laughter.... Thanks for the link.

  2. Yeah, well, once I wrote the intro I realized that ANYONE with familiarity with Korean culture would get what's going on here.

    In fact, these guys are L.A. based too ;)

    "Korean dinosaur #1, so nice-su"...LOL. Hilarious.

    Glad you got a kick out of it.

  3. This is brilliant. These guys seriously cracked me up: anyone capable of that kind of self lampoon has a keen eye and a wonderful sense of humor -- and humility.

    Obviously, Korean young people are tired of hearing negative stuff about the Japanese. I can see how they might find this tiresome after a while, but I feel a little sorry for the older people who experienced Japanese aggression first-hand.

    Loved that bit about the Chinese and Vietnamese 'doggie eaters' and how they rate 0, but the Japanese are negative integers. Fantastic.

  4. In general, Koreans are super funny and very expressive.

    These two are, I suspect, Korean-American. They're based in L.A. and I clicked around to look at some other stuff they'd done. They strike me as being born and raised in the States (or they moved when they were VERY young.) They won't reveal it on their MySpace page because it would just 'cause fights and divisions if they do, but I'd bet they're Korean-American.

    I don't think they could have nailed it with such precision if they were, let's say Chinese-American.

    I think Koreans who are raised overseas are sick of the Japan bashing because here it's still alive and well. There are exceptions, but I've seen my own classmates freak out over the Dokdo issue. However, if you're not Korean or were in Korea at the time that issue blew up, you don't even know where the island is or what the issue is about. Japan bashing is alive and well in Korea. It's just that Koreans immigrate, take it with them and their kids hear it. Those kids, who have a broader perspective, probably tire of it quickly, hence you get spot on spoofs like this.

    This is hilarious stuff. The lines were buzzing in my head a couple of days after. You know when something is so funny, then you think about it and have to restrain a laugh 'cause everyone around you would think you'd lost your ever loving mind? I had to do that a couple of times.

  5. OH MY GOD!!! I died laughing on this....LOVE IT! Their delivery is flawless....thanks for sharing! :)


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