Saturday, December 15, 2007

Drunk Dialing Call Block

Okay, that's it! There are some negatives to being an expatriate. One big one are your fellow expatriates who are often maladjusted in some way. When the weird strikes an expatriate situation it's usually very weird. BTW, I'm not saying I'm free of maladjustments; I know I have my own special selection too. I just think they're minor, but who doesn't?

Anyway, there is someone who is prone to sending me text messages at REALLY inappropriate times. I've tolerated it simply because the messages were so ridiculous they were funny. The subject matter is always some starlet or other - okay, whatever, some lonely dude who is in dire need of friends fixating on some woman on TV or on the Internet. However, the joke grew stale months ago because it's the same damn joke. Unfortunately, he's grown to know my schedule and knows I usually rise early. One morning I he woke me up with this madness and I was livid because I'd had a late night out.

Well, I was snoozing away in my warm bed this morning, and that's very important when the temperature is -3°C, that's 26°F, when I heard my cell phone vibrating. I was thinking "no, way...not again!" Sure enough, there was a message which was time stamped at 4:15am!

Furious, I replied back. That's probably the worst thing I could have done with someone who has lacks to good sense to realize doing this causes people to AVOID you. When it happened a couple of weeks ago and I said he'd woken me up, there was no "I'm sorry", there were only more messages!

So when I awoke this morning to the same ol' shit, I was very much finished with it all.


Joke delivered. It sucks...still.


However, the result is I'm pissed off and awake, and I surf the Internet when I'm up in the wee hours. I found this blog about an LG brand phone that prevents drunk dialing. I only have drunk texting, but it's just as annoying. The offending party has one of those MBA-supported finance jobs, so he can afford a new phone. I think I'll pass this on to someone who can get this to him as I officially have him on ignore now. Okay, I'm going back to sleep.

LG Offers a Phone That Can Tell if You Are Drunk!

Adding new meaning to the term “smart phone”, Korea-based Lucky Goldstar has released a phone in the US this summer with a built-in breathalyzer. 200,000 of the LP4100 model phones had already been sold in Korea before hitting the US market.

When you blow into this phone and it detects you are over the legal limit, it gives a warning and displays a cute little animation of a car swerving off the road and smashing into traffic cones. A wise driver would then stop and hand the wheel over to a friend, or call a taxi. Targeted to hard partying younger people, the phone also has a “Drunk Dialing” call block. You can set certain numbers as blocked at certain times of the night, or if you are too drunk to call.

This is a great feature, there is nothing worse than having a friend replay your voice mails left at 3 AM after one too many. Or getting your phone bill after calling your ex in the middle of the night – when your ex moved to France two years ago!

This is also a great safeguard to keep you from calling your boss or mother while hammered.

The LP4100 has great potential to save lives. Most people will not buy a breathalyzer as a standalone product, but if it comes with a phone, why not?

The phone itself has all the features required by the younger set, and a sleek “sports-car” design. Remember, phones don’t let friends drink and drive!


Update #1 - Dec. 21, 2007 @ 5:34pm

I blocked said fuckwit, but I didn't delete him off my Windows Messenger list.

Woah is me.

Can you believe this fuckwit told me that to avoid such disturbances I should, let me quote this shit "turn ur fone off". To which my reply was "i shouldn't have to...have the common sense NOT to disturb someone". And his reply was "if ur fone is on, ur receiving calls and txts".

Now technically, yes, I am. That's like telling someone to turn off the ringer to their home phone before they go to bed. People have phones for a reason. Should an emergency happen, I want the call, so I keep my phone on. What I don't want is to be disturbed with stupid shit at 4am and most people I know get this. Funny that he doesn't.

I just think it's hilarious that the tried to argue this with me. It just shows that in spite of his education he has no manners and no damn sense. I ended the discussion by informing him it was a non-issue because I call blocked his number immediately after that.

I'm just amused and wanted to share this because I'd NEVER have the gall to take someone on about disturbing them at 4am. The levels of inconsiderate that I've found in the expatriates here is astounding.

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