Friday, August 31, 2007

이화여대 2006학년도 후기 학위수여식 aka Commencement: Finish-shee!

Update 1 (@4:47pm):

Yep, I was right. I got a beautiful bouquet of roses. I'd held my composure together up until then but, literally, every professor the department that I work for and our two assistants were there.

I cracked. I cried. The new M.A.C. eye makeup (color: Lovestone) I bought yesterday at Lotte Department Store is a mess.

I feel bad when I cry because I'm not crying about getting a bouquet of roses, I'm crying about something else. So I say my thanks and then I run away and hide. That's what I'm doing right now. I'll recover in a few minutes.


Graduation is done! I held it together when facing the university's president when she was handing me my degree.

Oooops! I just remembered that I was in such a rush to get out that I forgot to pick up my award (those were in my department's office.)

I'm at work now and my department wants me to stop by the office later. I'll probably get flowers which is a nice gesture.

Here is a pic of me and Soha, a graduate student from Iraq. Below that, a picture of me and my classmate Jiyoung.

More to follow later. Now I have to get ready for my 2pm class.

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  1. So happy. So joyous. So dripping with petty envy.

    When's the party?

  2. Hey ZenKimchi!


    LOL...I'm still questioning my sanity for taking on the program in the first place. ;-)

    Actually, I was happy to get through this. I never realized I still had so much to learn about myself (definitely humbling at times).

    From that perspective, it really changed my outlook on many things.

    Re a party, dude...I'm gregarious as they come when I'm out in a group or crowd but my usually m.o. is to be more reclusive than not.

    Translation: no party.


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