Monday, August 6, 2007

ExpatJane: MIA

Hey everyone. I've pretty much been MIA for the last few days. I've mentioned before I've got Graves' Disease which is a thyroid disorder. Basically, my immune system successfully took out my pancreas years ago which makes me an insulin-dependent (ain't the one your granny got unless she's had it since childhood) diabetic and now is working on my thyroid...oh joy, oh rapture.

That means my hyperactive thyroid has now been medicated into a docile thyroid which leaves me exhausted almost all of the time (yep, I'll tell my doctor. In fact, I see him this week). Basically, my hyperthyroidism is now hypothyroidism and, to be honest with you, I think I was happier when I couldn't sleep versus now because I sleep I all the time.

It just means I'm being patient with myself, taking it easy and dealing with the exhaustion the best I can. It also makes me feel a bit better as I'm a bit too pleasantly plump than is usual right now.

So I know I've been tagged and the Eight Things You Don't Know About Me post is coming, but everything is working in slow motion for me right now. Plus, there are some interesting stories about Korea. It's just that now all I can do is bookmark them because just thinking about translating my thoughts to words truly exhausts me.

Just a little update on why there hasn't been much from me lately. However, now it's time to schlep to the kitchen and make dinner. I'm exhausted but I have a Korean class tonight, so I have to give myself enough time to grab a caffeine packed beverage en route to class.

A good article that explains the emotional components of this disease and how it's going to affect the person with it as well as family and friends: INFORMATION FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Hopefully, if you find this and you've got someone with Graves' Disease in your life, you can understand it better.

Mayo Clinic: Graves' Disease

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