Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Playboy Spoon? Hugh Hefner Would Be Proud ;-)

Update: September 1st @ 3:37pm

I saw a delivery/dirty dish scooter while walking home and I snapped a photo with my camera phone.

Yes, my theory was right. The delivery guys do double duty. The metal box on the left, which holds food, the driver basically held on his left. The blue bin is where the dirty dishes go. Okay, that question is answered.

A new semester has started which means I went back to work this week.

I've been a bit reclusive lately and just didn't feel like going to the faculty cafeteria where it's a crap shoot whether someone will try to join me or not. I've just been quiet and not really chatty lately.

What's great about Korea is you can call local restaurants and they'll deliver a hot meal to you door. Now, yes, some restaurants do that back home, but it's NOT in the same way.

The one thing you notice is the guys on scooters zipping in and out of traffic (or on the sidewalk). Well, a lot of these scooters have big metal rectangular boxes on the back and in those boxes is food on it's way to be delivered. Others have trash buckets on the back and those are out to collect dishes that have been recovered to be washed and used again. I'm not sure exactly how it works because I think the guy who delivers can also be the guy who picks up, but, I'm not going to research this one.

Yesterday I ate lunch in my office. I had 모밀 정식(Japanese style buckwheat noodles a cold soya sauce soup, green onions and wasabi) with 조밥 (raw fish on rice - sushi). Today I couldn't shake my reclusiveness and ate lunch in my office again. Today I had 순두부 찌개 (a soup with lots of soft tofu, egg, small clams, and veggies in a deunjang (the very strong Korean version of miso)). If you need a Korean food primer check this link out or browse along the sidebar and click over to Mary Eats or ZenKimchi.

Anyway, tomorrow I think I'll do the same.

Anyway, today
when my 순두부 찌개 arrived. It arrived it the usual "eat it now" dishes which they usually swing back by an hour or so later to pick up. The spoons in Korea are metal with handles that are much longer than table spoons are in the west.

Actually, the length of the handle is similar to an iced tea spoon (my dad had tons of these as he loved iced tea in the summertime.)

As I said, they come with dishes that the restaurant will turn around and pick up later. Today, I had to look twice at my spoon and noticed it had a replica of the Playboy bunny on it...seriously, check it out.

That was just so weird that 1) I was tempted to keep (okay, steal) the spoon and 2) I just HAD to take a picture of it and blog it (yes, life is pretty dull right now.)

Just a bit of weirdness, Korea style.

*Pics of the dishes lifted from this page.

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  1. I can't remember how I first found your blog but I have become a devoted follower. I have learned stuff about news, food and transgendered musical groups as a result I thought you might like to know that your work is getting attention you might not even suspect. I am American -- living as an ex-pat in Northern Africa but I'm much older than you and we share little else in common. I think this is hoot. keep up the good work. sincerely. Rosemary Armao

  2. Thanks for the compliment.

    I still think I'm a bit too all over the map at times, but really, if the topic is interesting I'll blog it.

    Plus, I have to admit sometimes I'll search for something to write about because I didn't have a playboy spoon moment that day ;-)


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