Sunday, August 26, 2007

iPhone Hacker - Right On!

I remember in one of my first posts on the iPhone one of the comments was about having to use AT&T. In reply to that comment, I said people might be able to get around it.

Well, now that's the case. Some industrious folks spent the summer hacking the iPhone and now you're not limited to AT&T. Now it takes breaking the phone open and busting out the soldering tools, but some are saying a software code hack is coming soon.

The person getting the credit is 17 year old George Hotz. I saw an interview with him on CNN International this morning. I think it's great and he's got a great start too (he's off to college soon.)

I love the fact that he's not selling the hack and that it's online for all to access (see the links below). I also love that when the CNN reporter asked him if he'd done this alone, he said no. He then went on to give credit to the "community" of people who he worked with to successfully hack the iPhone.

Click "read more" for some videos. If I can find the video to the interview he had with the clueless CNN reporter, I'll link that too.

Hotz on YouTube announcing the hack:

Engadget verifying that it works:

An interview with Hotz on MSNBC:

Hotz's blog: Finding the JTAG on the iPhone
Hotz's website (I have no idea what's on it): The NEW

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