Saturday, August 4, 2007

World Public Library Association: Freebies, Y'all, Freebies!

Update: August 10, 2007 @ 8:46pm

August 4th has come and gone as have the freebie ebook downloads.

These aren't quite the same as it's not free ebook downloads but they're good ways to read literature online.

I didn't post them because I wanted you all to run off to download as many ebooks as you could before the cut us all off ;-)

  • Bibliomania - Free Online Literature
  • Project Gutenberg - There are 18,000 free books in the Project Gutenberg Online Book Catalog

  • I also got an email from someone with this site. I checked it out and it's similar to Bibliomania as you can access classics online.

  • Read Print

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    Oh man! How did I miss this!

    The World Public Library Association has a download Free E-books from July 4th until August 4th.

    Sheesh. It's August 4th here already, so I've got a lot of downloading to do.

    Here is the link: World Public Library Association

    K, bye...

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    1. Yey! Thanks for the link!

      So, 1 day left? Wow...

      Since I can't buy anything that doesn't fit into my 2 luggages until I get to Rome, then I love e-books!

      I think I'll download too :)

      Grazie :)

    2. That's why I put it up. They'll be amazed how much data we can download in one day!

      Download, ;-)

    3. Hehehe... you're way too funny :)

      Already in the process here..

    4. Thanks for the post. Going there now, and take care of yourself.

    5. You're welcome Ross, but now it's not free anymore :(

      I should probably update the post to make that clear.

      You take care of yourself too ;-)


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