Monday, October 15, 2007

B-Boys In Korea? Damn Right!

Update 1 (Oct. 21, 2007 @ 10:08am)

A week after the event and KBS N Sports is showing the competition on TV here. Here is the webpage for that. It's all in Korean though: Only KBS N >UK B-BOY 챔피언십.

But I watched it and the T.I.P. Crew took it, hands down. No one had their moves.

It's funny when people don't realize the depth of the spread of black American culture.

I'm a fairly active member on a black forum where let someone see a person of another race doing something "black" and the thread will blow up with both shock, awe and, unfortunately, lots of attitude. I think that's really sad, honestly.

I remember when I moved to Korea years ago. I was in Busan for the first time just walking around, getting lost and exploring. I found my way to the top of Busan Tower and there I saw a bunch of kids break dancing in the promenade. I wasn't surprised at all. I joined the crowd, I watched and enjoyed a good dance show.

I wasn't suprised probably because in both L.A. and San Francisco you see all sorts of people doing "black" things or in "black" clubs ranging from jazz to hip-hop. In fact, the guy who turned me on to a jazz club was a man who was British but ethnically Japanese and, like me, was adopted. The relationship didn't get very far but I got turned on to a great club and got hooked on Ledisi, the artist I saw that night. In fact, I started attending her shows at various clubs all around the city and dragging my friends with me even on school nights.

The point is aspects of black American culture have spread far and wide way past inspiring white American kids to start playing blues and to embrace rock n' roll.

This leads me to good news! The Korean b-boy team, T.I.P. Crew (Teamwork Is Perfect Crew), won at the UK B-boy Championship in the London this past Sunday. Here is a clip of the performance that got them to the UK.

Check out this link for the different national crews.

So here is a big congratulations to the T.I.P. Crew!

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  1. that's pretty freaking sweet -
    bboying is sexy and so seeing culture being embraced in so many different ways.

  2. Well, now they're sexy and champion b-boys.


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