Thursday, October 25, 2007

Scorpions at the DMZ!!!

Sorry, about the title, but I couldn't resist.

There is been a buzz amongst the "inclined to wear a mullet" heshers in the ESL crowd over the Scorpions' upcoming show tonight.

I'll pass. That crowd traumatizes me enough just in passing.

However, here are the Scorpions in Korea at the DMZ.

Korea most definitely is a great place for some funny and odd photo ops.

This is one part of the 80s retro trend I'll resist. However, for all of you going to the show, have a good time.

In honor of those who watch over the DMZ, I've been inspired to change my profile pic to a shot of me standing on the North Korea side of the line at Panmunjeom in the Joint Security Area (JSA). I was terrified; that's a fake smile.

(I changed my profile pic...I don't like looking at myself terrified all the time, so here is a link to it.)

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  1. I have one of those pictures too. I was trying really hard to look serious. Instead I just look like I'm smirking or something.

  2. You were trying to look serious!???

    I was trying my best to smile, but I was so darn scared that I'd make a wrong move and get shot. My urban fear of flying bullets is never far away I guess.

  3. Well, I'd been working with the US gov't on military bases for a while at that point (was actually living on a base in Korea) so I was used to being surrounded by serious military types with guns. Yeah, Panmunjom was more tense than the average base, but I found "being in North Korea" comical - especially with the pose of the guard I was standing next to!

  4. I hope that I never get used to "serious military types with guns" ;)



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