Thursday, October 4, 2007

Power To The Tattoo Artists!

I was clicking around on the JoongAng Ilbo and saw this article about tattoo artists in South Korea.

Anyway, I have an ankle tattoo that I got done at Sunset Strip Tattoo years ago. I just got bold enough to show it at work and my students dig it. The attitudes here are changing on body art, but it's a slow change.

Check out the article. It's laid out badly. Their online articles are always like that but, in spite of their layout problems, it's interesting reading.

I also like what the tattoo artist has to say about getting tats. I know how many stupid people get dumb tats and then want them gone. The problem is when they do that they think I want to hear the story. I don't.

Case in point. This lame ass whining about a tattoo she didn't think long and hard about getting: Why I rue my tattoo. My curt reply, "Why I don't care."

Lee said tattoos should not be seen as a form of fashion. He said a person who is considering getting a tattoo should think the decision through since tattoos are not like an in-vogue garment that somebody can easily slip on and off.

“A tattoo is something permanent,” Lee Rang said. “We tell our customers to really think about what they are about to do.”

Good advice.

Here is the rest of the article: Until death (or surgery) do us part

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