Thursday, May 1, 2008

Liar...Liar: Peggy Seltzer On Video

Now this died down weeks ago, but there are still things popping up in this story every now and then. I'm so incredibly offended by all that she claimed to represent that pretty much anytime something new comes up, be sure, I'll repost it here.

The FishBowl L.A. blog thanks to the GalleyCat blog has a video of lying ass Peggy Seltzer in character.

Honestly, I'm tired. I was up real late last evening and then had to get up early for a 9am class. I don't have the energy to stand watching this mess right now. Maybe I'll check it later.

However, maybe you can check it and just give me a play by play? How is that?

Oh, scratch that. I just went to the Media Assassin blog (linked below) and they have a play by play. I guess they know some of us really wouldn't be in the mood, ever, to see her lie and length about this. It's LONG but well worth reading, so click over to check it out.

We Dare You To Watch This Peggy Seltzer Video and Not Cringe At Least Once

Thanks to our sister blog GalleyCat for this. This is part of a promo? Maybe? It's Peggy Seltzer/Margaret B. Jones when she was still playing ghetto.

"I could tell you stories where you would cry and it'll stay with you forever."

True dat!

Here are a couple of updates on another literary fraud, James Frey.

GalleyCat: James Frey's Last Interview? We Shall See
FishBowl NY: James Frey: New Book, Same Fraught Relationship With Honesty

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