Thursday, February 8, 2007

Damn, Anna Nicole Smith is dead!!!?

You know, I woke up this morning ready to dig into statistics. No, really, I've psyched myself into it after a class that wasn't so bad yesterday. Plus, if I don't dig in I will fail.

Anyway, I was checking my messages, clicking through MySpace and Facebook, and got the news that Anna Nicole Smith had died.


I mean after all of the scandals and tragedies this happens? She just had a baby!

I think this sums up why EVERYBODY is talking about this. In the blurbs on this on Soulful writes:

This is gonna be a hot topic because everyone wants to know WHAT happened to her. Was it drugs? Was it suicide? Was it murder? (gasp!) Only time will tell...

That's the thing. After years of fighting for her claimed share of J. Howard Marshall's estate and possibly getting almost half a billion dollars, Daniel, her son, ends up dead after Anna has a daughter, Danielynn. Of course, Danielynn's paternity is in dispute. Also, Anna was named as a defendant in the TrimSpa class action suit for false advertising, a diet drug she endorsed. Now Anna is dead!

Unfortunately, this isn't a prime time soap opera. It's a real life soap opera and everyone is tuning in to see what happens next.

However, unlike a soap opera, there probably won't be a clean ending. That's a son who died under strange circumstances. That's a baby that doesn't have a mother and now potentially stands to inherit half a billion dollars. That's a mother who is also dead under strange circumstances.

Unlike TV soap operas, Danielynn won't be all grown up next season. What we're in for is a cliff hanger that will leave us hanging for years.

It doesn't seem like she got much peace in life, so Anna Nicole, RIP.


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