Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Uncovered in New York City

Trivia: It's legal for women to go topless in New York City.

I got the idea to start this blog off with that from a post at my favorite forum. Since I don't want random folks invading it, well, let's say it's linked here but that's all I'll say.

Through that post I found out about the photography of Jordan Matter. He basically went out there after the Janet Jackson Super Bowl boob flash fiasco of 2004 which I missed because I flew into SFO from Seoul that day. Anyway, Jordan went on a mission to capture pictures of bare breasts in NYC.

Now I'm from California, so I think this is a great thing. You know, California, one of those pesky blue states with lots of strange "progressive" type folks. Nudity, no problem. Global warming, problem.

Anyway, there is simply too much of a sick focus on women looking like comic book figures. Women are sexualized and objectified to the extreme. What's bad is we seem to be willing participants in this. The unhealthy side of slim is the new norm with barely any hips yet somehow having C or D cup breasts or larger that defy gravity.

There are very few women who'd naturally have those proportions. Let me tell you right now guys if a woman is rail thin and has D cups I'll bet you a month's salary that her big perky breasts aren't real. If a woman has D cup breasts that defy gravity when she's laying down without a bra, they're definitely not real (I had to inform a male roommate of this a long time ago...he wasn't happy to hear that.) I never thought I'd be writing a blog defending Jessica Simpson for anything, and I don't want to link these jerks, but since I want you to find it easily: Jessica Simpson's Saggy Yet Useful Boobs.

Jessica Simpson’s breasts normally look spectacular, as long as you’re seeing them head on. From the side, you can definitely tell they’re huge, but you can also see signs of serious overhang. At least we can safely say that she hasn’t had a boob job yet, but she may need to look into some sort of lift pretty soon. She’s not getting any younger!
Good grief...she's 26 years old not 16. "Overhang" happens you nitwits.These will be the first people who'd slam her when that breast lift goes wrong.

Honestly, I really don't have a problem with plastic surgery, so don't start commenting about me being fat, ugly, jealous or otherwise somehow unable to look at this issue fairly. I do have a problem with how it's done now. It seems to be all about cutting and pasting, Photoshopping in real life on the human form, and that's really disturbing. It's not reconstructive. People seem to not stop with one procedure. If it were healing they'd stop after getting that nose tweeked, those breasts augmented or that fat sucked out.

Anyway, this project has been on TV a few times (and there are video clips are on his website), however it was the first I'd heard of it.

To me it's art that gets you to think.
Not all of the bodies are going to be to everyone's taste. Not all of the bodies are "picture perfect", but it's that obsession with perfection that has women today feeling more objectified that ever.

Jordan, if you ever need models for the second round, let me know.

It's really time the world tries to see women as they really are because this cut and paste mentality regarding beauty is simply out of control. It reminds me of why I just don't bother with fashion magazines anymore.

Here is the link: Jordan Matter Photography") (click on "uncovered")

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