Friday, February 9, 2007

Korean Fried Chicken

This is the thing, people seems to think that in Korea there are no trappings of home. In some ways, they're right. However, in many ways, as I said in my No Offense post, that's just not the truth. One example of this is food.

Koreans like African-Americans have had a hard time of it, so our foods are very similar in some ways. This is particularly true in terms of the cuts of meats that are in some of our traditional dishes and meals.

One thing that is really similar is Koreans love of fried chicken. I won't go on too much about as the Koreans Share Their Secret for Chicken With a Crunch article does a great job of explaining it. It's just another verification what I've been telling folks all along.

I'll paste a good quote and then I'll leave it up to you go click on the link above and read more.

When Joe McPherson moved to Seoul in 2002, he thought he was leaving fried chicken behind. “I grew up watching Popeyes training videos,” Mr. McPherson said. His father managed a Popeyes franchise near Atlanta and fried chicken was a constant presence in his life.

“Living in the South, you think you know fried chicken,” he said. But in Seoul, he said, “there is a mom-and-pop chicken place literally on every corner.” Many Asian cooking traditions include deep-fried chicken, but the popular cult of crunchy, spicy, perfectly nongreasy chicken — the apotheosis of the Korean style — is a recent development.
It's excellent! I'm glad to hear that Koreans are bringing their style of fried chicken to the States. That means it will be there when I get home.

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