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Warning: Idiot Writer at AsianWeek

Update: May 22, 2007 @ 7:15pm

I've been too busy writing my thesis to pay attention to anything, but it looks like I missed some choice Eng madness. I'm studying for a class, so I'll skip making comments on this. Unfortunately, the selections speak for themselves.

The Village Voice: Sharing in the Gory - Already a pariah, Kenneth Eng goes even lower
Hyphen Blog: Kenneth Eng Takes Credit for Virginia Tech Shootings
Table of Malcontents: Kenneth Eng, Author of Terrible Dragon Novels, Wants Credit for Virginia Tech Massacre
Table of Malcontents: Kenneth Eng Arrested For NYU Threats


Okay, it's on.

There is an uproar over what Kenneth Eng, "God of the Universe", had to say in his article titled "Why I Hate Blacks." I heard about Eng's opinion piece, and I realized that it's what a lot of people actually think. That's probably why it got past the editors. It was published in AsianWeek which is a free weekly paper published in my beloved city of San Francisco. AsianWeek took Eng's piece down. I've heard that the print edition is still available if you're in San Francisco.

However, I managed to find it on the angry asian man's: Who The Hell is Kenneth Eng? Thanks for posting it! BTW, the angry asian man has some other interesting and one funny link on this Eng mess.

I've managed to find a scan of it on the Vox et Machina blog, so I've uploaded that here.

Here it is for you to read:

This is some of what the angry asian man had to say about Eng's article:
When I first heard about this, I thought it was a joke... but it is indeed true. I received an email on Friday afternoon alerting me about an opinion piece in the latest edition of AsianWeek titled "Why I Hate Blacks" by Kenneth Eng. I took a look, and it was as blatantly racist as it sounds. I was shocked. ... I read it over carefully, perhaps looking for the possibility that it was some kind of joke gone wrong. But no, it's just one guy and his ridiculous hate. (emphasis added)

I, too, was waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. I was hoping for that string of words that would tell me "yes, this is brutal satire and it's my confrontational way to wake us up to a problem that we need to discuss."

No, that wasn't Eng's approach at all. Instead, his approach was to take his experiences and brew some bitter stew from it rather than saying "hmmmm, what is the history and culture of African-Americans?" Instead, he harps on predictably negative stereotypes as the basis of his hate.

BTW, Mr. Eng I was in AP courses in high school. In my AP English course, the person who was cheating was the clean cut white boy who was trying to get answers from me. He's now gone on to make a ton of cash as a model and B-level entertainer. As far as I know he didn't go to university, but as his father is rich, I'm sure he would have attended a good school had he chosen to go simply due to white privilege. However, it's short-sighted people like you, Mr. Eng, who stare me up and down wondering how I managed to "cheat" my way through undergrad at UCLA, through law school at UC Hastings and how I managed to get into and excel in my master's program here in Seoul (4.05/4.30, 4.00/4.30, 4.15/4.30 GPAs respectively for my terms so far.) That was all managed because I must cheat really well, I guess.

What's scary is that I'm already frustrated enough that I have to deal with some whites on this issue. When I explained to one acquaintance that I'd quit my job and gone back to school in a program where I was lucky enough for the first year to have my tuition covered and a modest stipend, he seriously asked me what kind of scam or game I was running! I admit this white guy has a bad case of foot in mouth disease, but when you deal with stuff like that you wonder if the person would have said it to another white person. Must I really have to start this with some Asians too?

The fact is Eng is a young guy with not much world experience. So his interactions from high school and university are all he has to go on. I'm not mad he wrote the article. Clearly, the guy needs some anger management therapy. What I'm concerned about, however, is AsianWeek's decision to print this during black history month, as well as, its decisions to print Eng's other divisive opinion pieces. He's opined not only about how he hates blacks, but on how he hates his fellow Asians and whites too. He was going for a theme of hate, it seems.

You can have an opinion, but it's like what they say about a certain body part, everyone has one. Eng failed to provoke a dialogue or say anything insightful. It was like the diatribes I've heard foreigners engage in here when criticising everything about Korea. I have to admit I had a rough year or two and I said and wrote some bad things too. However, I didn't publish it. I worked through it and actually came to a better understanding of the people and culture.

I think Eng is a dolt who is pretentious to his core. Plus, sadly, it seems he just doesn't get out much and, when he does, the world just sends that hate right back to him. As they've written over at Hyphen,

“Proof that Whites Inherently Hate Us,” Eng wrote: “Most Asians know that everywhere we go, white/black/Hispanic people hurl racist remarks at us. I have already received about 10 racist remarks in the past three months and I have only been out of my home a handful of times.” Oh AsianWeek! Did you give a column to one of those crazy recluses that never leave their house and talk to themselves on the bus?? (emphasis added)
Well, unfortunately, I think they most definitely have.

Just click on some of the other links to get a feel for how Eng has chosen to behave. I really think the Table of Malcontents has the best examples. Unfortunately, there are many like him. They view their history through skewed lens which makes it easy to glorify themselves and look down their noses at others.

However, let me be honest here. The divide between blacks and Asians in California is a problem. That schism reared its ugly head during the L.A. Riots in 1992. When I decided to come to Asia to live and work, it was something I thought about. Asians aren't the only ones who are biased. I know many blacks who are just as ignorant.
  • Where is this bitterness and animosity coming from?
  • Why is it that minority groups seem to have internalized white racism and turn it on each other? Maybe humans are just stupid and we're all doomed.
  • How can both sides try to learn and work together rather than hate and throw epithets at each other?
One big reason I chose to come to Korea is because I grew up in South Central L.A. where there are a lot of Koreans. My goal was to understand the culture because I've had conversations with family members who don't know Korean culture from any of the other many Asian cultures. Yet we're the first to get up in arms when someone generalizes about blacks and African-Americans. My pediatrician's office was in the district that would eventually become Koreatown (waving at Dr. Leon Banks from cyberspace.) I actually had my first taste of kalbi when I went on a date with a Korean guy who was in one of my classes my second year of college. Yes, of course, being from South Central L.A. there was a Korean market on the corner.

The last time I was in L.A. I stopped at a store on Century Boulevard on en route to the 405. This poor lady was encased in a bullet proof counter probably because that store had been held up so many times that it was just stupid to not be. Believe me, I wasn't thrilled about driving down Century Boulevard in a nice shiny new rental car, insured, of course. I was trying to get out of Dodge before nightfall. She was clearly Korean because she was reading something written in hangul, Korean script. Imagine her pleasure and surprise to have me talk to her in Korean. I'm not saying everyone has to go that far, but people, this ignorance and, yes, the crime must stop. It's going to take more than writing about how much we hate each other. As a result of this, there is going to be a town hall meeting. I hope something productive comes of this. I really do.

Clearly, we need more people from both communities who have taken the time to learn about cultures other than our own. This is a big, stupid mess.

What this shows me is that once I get back, maybe I can help because people like Eng only make things worse.

More links:

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Hyphen Blog: AsianWeek Takes The Racist Cake
Zuky: Roundup — Racist Asshattery at AsianWeek (a great summary of what a few bloggers have said on this)
Vox et Machina: Well, this is depressing (she's got a scan of Eng's article)
SFist: Kenneth Eng Around The Web (HILARIOUS)

Ohmygod...ohmygod. They interviewed Eng on FoxNews and, of course, it made it to YouTube. Thanks Andrea for sending me the link (it's down below in the comments)


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  1. Kenneth Eng's obviously an art student who managed to convince somebody at AsianWeek to let him try this social experiment. And I think for better or worse, we're reacting just like the racist country that we are. We can't see through the phoniness of Eng's prose. The fact that the San Fran Chronicle ran an A1 piece about this is pretty a sad reflection on accepting we are of others. Or not, maybe we actually are getting better.

  2. I understand that we have issues in America regarding race. It's huge.

    It's so bad that minorities are fighting with each other now while it seems that white folks are sitting back marveling at the depth of hate we have for each other.

    I don't think I said it here, but maybe in did. However, if I didn't in one forum, I said I'm glad he wrote it from the perspective that Eng's idiotic analysis sets the stage for discussion. What disturbs me is that it was when and how it was published. Now I didn't see the original article, but I think that AsianWeek should have gone out of its way to show that Eng had written an article just as bad about Asians and whites. Like I said, he had a theme he was working on.

    We'll see how things go from now. There is A LOT of work, thought and discussion that needs to happen right now between the African-American community and the Asian community.

    We have much more in common than we think.

    Thanks for your comment too. ;-)

  3. First I'd like to complement you on a very well written post. Such a thing seems to be few and far-between in the blogging world.

    I agree that Eng failed to actually say anything constructive and open a meaningful dialogue between the Asian-American and African-American communities. Instead he is the proverbial child-- screaming incomprehensible noise more out of frustration instead of relaxing and using his head for something else besides a place to put his hat.

    I also agree that AsianWeek should not be let off the hook for this so easily. I don't buy their excuse "we don't how it was published". An article doesn't just slip past the editors during fact-checking and layout. Someone on staff either fully agreed with Eng's position or felt that Eng's piece would stir up enough controversy to increase visibility-- thereby sacrificing Mr. Eng to the wolves. Both possibilities are despicable.

    As a married white guy living in Japan for the last four years, I too have had to find coping mechanisms on occasion to deal with a sometimes frustrating and incomprehensible (to my American upbringing) culture. I quickly realized that if I wanted to understand the people whom I was living amongst or persuade them in a particular direction, I had to adopt an entirely new approach. Here, there are only two communities: Japanese and non-Japanese. Here, I am the minority.

    IMHO, the problems between the various American sub-communities: micro-cultures that live in close proximities without adequate dialogue. Of course, the simplest solutions are sometimes the hardest to carry out.

  4. Thanks for your comment and complement James.

    Yes, as an American in Japan I'm sure you've had your issues. I just love traveling to Japan, BTW.

    I've had times here where I just want to pull my hair out. I've been angry, frustrated, and hating on Korea big time. However, I realized that was very much about me and not them. The Koreans I was irritated with were going on with their day and just living. I was the one freaking out because I was looking at it through my American perspective. I've lightened up quite a bit and being forced to do that a few times over had been one big benefit of living here.

    Eng just doesn't get it or he gets it and wants to be an ass because he knows he'll get people talking about him. If someone is coming after you, yes, it's unpleasant. However, that makes me think about what is going on that I bring up that reaction in someone. I do try to understand what's going on behind the madness.

    I can't say I've had epithets hurled at me. But here in Korea I have had people just stop, point and gawk. I've had kids say things like "African person" (in Korean) and step a few feet away from me. After 9/11 and the approach to the Iraq war I did have people say stuff like "f*&king USA" to me (that's more about me being a Westerner than black, but it's still abuse.)

    I was pissed off too, so I understand. However, I still don't hate Koreans. I've had moments where I wanted to drop kick quite a few though ;-)

    It's hard, but it really is about throwing yourself in it and trying to get to know people as individuals. Generalizations used in the wrong way will get you into trouble.

  5. Dear Jane;

    Well, I must admit you have opened the can of worms with a nice alfredo sauce. For the sauce, I thank you, since the worms didn't come from your factory....but from us all.

    I can mirror your sense of frustration here in Korea, not only with the typical 'culture shock' issues, but also with others in the foreign community, who seem to have organized themselves into 'huggers' or 'bashers'. It's nice to read the voice of reason, and as someone else pointed out, presented intelligently.

    As a guy who looks like the prototypical white guy (I was nicknamed 'Opie' in my 97% black high school on the southside of Chicago), through a series of somewhat random lifechoices, I've been fortunate enough to have a better insight into stereotyping and the ugly head of racism than most 'Opies' do.

    Perhaps the problem, IMHO, is not only not enough dialogue, but as Warren Beatty's character put it so indelicately it in "Bulworth" (the infamous 'there's too many blacks' scene), we have too much race identity (e.g. purebloodedness).

    I lived for five years in South America, where undeniably there is a long history of slavery and racial oppression. But a major difference in places like Colombia and especially Brazil is the amount of mixing that has gone on.

    Life in these countries is no paradise, since economic vicissitudes make life a little bit rollercoasterish, but one unexpected benefit was that I didn't feel the racial tension that one feels all over the U.S. and even Canada. Perhaps it is because the only purebloods in those country are the super-elite, who mostly live outside the country or well out of view of the public.

    Of course this is just anecdotal evidence, on the face of it no better than the whinings of Mr. Eng - and I'm sure that people out there can find statistics or historical incidents to counter my point - but no one who has lived in South America, I feel, could rightly disagree that race is much less an issue there, despite, and I hope you will agree, because there are so many shades of skin color there, so many personal connections to every race.

    while that certainly doesn't constitute much of a short term solution, I merely wanted to reiterate that we must avoid this circle of escalating hate (whereby victims of racism become racist themselves - both in LA and here in Seoul), into which so many have become trapped.

    sorry to have blathered on so - but thanks for your calm and measured reasoning in a world seemingly on the edge of madness all the time.

  6. Gringo, thanks for your comment. Believe me, rambling on is something I can't have a problem with. Just click around this blog to see proof of that ;-)

    I do think limited miscegenation has caused allowed a lot of race problems in the US to continue. In discussions of dating and marriage the topic of interracial relationships is such a stupid issue to me. However, there are people who can make passionate arguments about the wrongness of being with someone of a another race. It's such a non-issue to me that I rarely bother even talking about it. It's just frustrating to see.

    Your example of the victims of racism becoming racists is alive and well in black America. I know some of the most racists things I've heard have been from other blacks. In huge moments of frustration, I'll admit to saying some not so nice things myself. However, I wasn't raised like that so that doesn't happen for long.

    I'll have to admit while I'm not racist against whites, I do tend to be much more suspicious of them and tend not to befriend them here in Korea. I've blogged about the reasons for that in other posts, but it comes down to dealing with people who just don't get it and who seem very different from the white people I know back home. That's probably only because of location and education otherwise my friends back home would be scary people too.

    Your experience has molded you, Gringo. I'm so frustrated with the silliness over race and politics in the US that I'd love there to be a law requiring that ALL US citizens must leave the country for one year and live in a foreign country or travel. Not that one year of travel will automatically mold reasonable people but I think the numbers would be in our favor. There are simply just way too many ignorant Americans, like Eng.

    Because the US has so much power, it's truly dangerous to have such an ignorant population. It's dangerous internally and, as we can see from the current state of the world, it's also dangerous for the rest of the world.

  7. I've actually written for Asianweek for a brief time. What they were notorious for was to allow any Asian hating racist with a comment to have their letters published. What's surprising here is to see the reverse get printed. Most of the columns written by contributors there were fluff pieces and most anything that was political was relegated to self-criticism of their own communities.

  8. Hi Anonymous #2 ;-)...

    Thanks for you comment.

    Actually, I have a couple of friends who've written for AsianWeek too. I never got into the politics behind what goes on there, but, for what it's worth, my friends didn't seem to stay long.

    A lot of bloggers have said Eng could have made his "God of the Universe" column worth reading, and I agree. It just doesn't seem he has the skill to manage that. The one about how he hates Asians and the one about how whites hate Asians are just as bad as his one coming after black people.

    Funny thing is with all of his complaining about people being beholden to "the man" or whites, he didn't pen a "Why I Hate Whites" column either. Maybe it was on the drawing board ;-)

    There shouldn't be "criticism" at all. That only starts fights. Better would be columns where points and counter-points are made which encourage productive discussions and exchange. Someone bitching from a pedestal never ever really goes over well.

  9. Asian people from all over have been a big part of my life since age 3 so it was a shock to me that suddenly we were hating on each other. Drag! I just filed for a passport and was getting ready to teach english in Japan! I've been reading everything I could google about the Blacks living there and after picking up phrases over the years, I've been zipping through language lessons like nobody's business and anticipating a wonderful cultural experience!
    Curiosity made me investigate this kid because I wondered how an educated person could come to such idiotic conclusions. I looked up some of Eng's other writings and, along with his claim of being the youngest published sci-fi author in the US at age 20, it's all crap. I suspect plagerism in the instances where his words have occasionally risen above the excremental. That said, I don't believe he had the ability make his rantings worth reading or serious consideration and it's a mystery why he's in print at all. The kid's got ISSUES and the problems he's encountered were brought on by his own actions. According to him, Hitler was admirable, suicide is fine if you're a loser, and only morons believe in God. He goes around, proudly shouting this bilge from the hilltop and wonders why people wanna knock him off it. "Oh, I'm SO oppressed!" he whines, "This is supposed to be the land of free speech!" while dissmissing the rights of those who would disagree with him.
    The childish temper tantrums didn't upset me as it was obvious he based his opinions on ignorance. I was more interested in the responses from other Asians. It's good to know that most people were disgusted by him. And people wonder why we have a Black History month?

    Someone, somewhere is sitting in a really expensive chair,(or hooded garment) smiling over his tea (or Jack Daniels) thinking "Hurray! Divide and Conquer still works!"

  10. Thanks for your comment Andrea. I'm sure Japan will be a blast. As I'm winding down my stay here, I'm starting to look at expats in Japan with some jealousy. That just means, for me, it's time to wind up my adventure abroad and head home.

    As to Eng, I wouldn't allege plagiarism in his case simply because that is a serious charge in America (in Korea, not so much though - look it up, I'm not kidding.) I mean have you seen his writing?

    This text from his novel, Dragon: Lexicon Triumvirate, was posted on the Table of Malcontents blog (I've posted the link above):

    ""Time is not a concept. It is a word."

    This is how the novel begins. Wow. Mindblowing stuff -- and this book stars dragons!

    The dialogue is also top-notch. Here is one fine example:

    "Interesting," muttered Dennagon to himself. "The force of gravity is 9.8 meters per second squared on this planet, but not in space. I wonder if 'space' actually exists."

    And there's ACTION!

    "Dennagon nonchalantly dropped down from his perched position to the ground. Without even taking his eyes off his book, he casually thrust his fist out, punching a hole straight through the head of one of his enemies as it charged. The decapitated body still handing from his forearm, he merely shifted his fist to the side so that the others could run into it. Expectedly, they did, blasting apart their own skulls against his scaly knuckles.""

    I wouldn't admit to writing that at all.

    I don't think that if you're an idiot that is mutually exclusive from writing talent. All you have to do is read the op-ed section of many newspapers to find idiots who write well. I'd say, from what I've read, so far, my black and therefore, must have cheated through my AP courses self, has nothing to worry about.

    I'm more than content with attributing authorship of this crap to him.

  11. Kudos to you for finding the original piece.

    We've posted our response on the LA Times Pressmen's Blog.

    The line between blogging and journalism is gone. Whereas Eng's piece might have been once relegated to his own personal blog, due to lack of editorial oversight, it's now seen fit to print. Who cares about civility? Who cares about trying to find solutions in an alreaady troubled world? No, today the feeling is that we can say whatever is on our mind, even if it perpetuates hoary stereotypes, shows our own experiences to be extremely limited, and exposes our laziness to try to overcome some of these anti-social personal attributes.

    One can go into all sorts of reasons not to print it: from starting a race war, renewing old stereotypes, to the ever popular -- losing your advertising revenues (which they truly deserve).

    But hasn't the editorial staff of AsianWeek figured it out? Spare us the politically correct apology that can be found on their website. Here's the beef: Nothing good or life-enhancing ever comes out of hatred. So why chose this piece of countless others, which no doubt have been submitted by writers with something deeper to say?

    I'd say that the editorial staff has some soul searching to do. Racism is an old, old problem passed down from generation to generation. The editorial staff has proven this by showing a lack of insight and critical thinking.

    They're all tossers as far as I'm concerned.

    And no, this wasn't satire.
    Kenneth Eng, nor the staff at AsianWeek are no Gustavo Arrellano, the Ask a Mexican writer at the OC Weekly, who know what satire is and how to write it.

  12. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Kanani.

    I'd found the LA Times Pressmen's blog last week. However, I'm glad you posted a comment with a link. Sometimes I get lost clicking and never find my way back ;-)

    Eng's piece definitely wasn't satire. It's hateful writing which serves no purpose. Like I said, at least, it puts the issue back out there because racism is alive and well. That's clear when you have a 20-something expressing hate like this.

    Your point about the lack of distinction between journalism and blogging is a good one. He can say whatever he likes. This, however, would have been better suited for the Kenneth Eng Blog O' Hate.

    Again, I'm just wondering what were they thinking at AsianWeek? However, I've gotten comments from others who've written for them before, and it seems they're not held in high regard.

    What's done is done. AsianWeek's apology completely ignores the issue. I just know that if I move back to San Francisco I won't feel bad using AsianWeek in kitty box maintenance. That's about all I'll ever use it for now.

  13. I don't know anything about AsianWeek. But I do know that racism affects every human being in the world. No one ethnic group is without its prejudices or pre-conceived notions about other groups --be it economic, religious, gender, sexual, cultural, national or racial.

    I think if anything, Eng displays an utter lack of experience in the wider world. Like I said, racism is handed down from generation to generation, however, it's no excuse for him or anyone on the staff of AsianWeek not to look at their sheltered upbringing and try to widen their personal experiences now.

    Their mission statement is Asian-centric. Okay. Fine. But just because it's Asian-centric, doesn't warrant bashing others outside their race. No, it doesn't.

    Which is even more perplexing because it appears to be owned by one family, who by the way, seem to be at least 2nd or 3rd generation. They've operated in the US long enough to have seen and experienced civil rights. One assumes that they've done business for man years with a cross section of people. In other words: they should know better.

    So what happened to their judgment to let this pass through?

    We'll never know. But unless they re-examine their mission statement and figure out what they stand for, and also be critical about what is the "asian experience" then they might well (and justifiably) find themselves without revenues from advertisers very soon.

    And that would be fair, to have them forced out of business because they haven't thought deeply about their purpose.

    News to AsianWeekly: think deeply.

  14. True...true.

    Thanks for stopping by again ;-)

  15. Jane,
    Yes, I read the first chapter at amazon. It certainly explains his overblown self image. He thinks he's the dragon. Btw, the publisher has pulled his book.

    I didn't mean that I suspected he plagarized the book. That POS wouldn't have earned a C in junior high. I was referring to the other articles.
    If you compare the styles, you'll see what I meant.

    Eng's rant about NYU where I'm guessing the other student's racist remarks were actually in retaliation of his 'courageous' opinions.

    Theory of Nothing

    Suicide - the Healthiest Choice http://scars.tv/dirt/dirt026september05.htm

    He's like a Columbine disaster just waiting to happen. It appears that he's never been taken seriously and never will.
    Here's a website that has links to interviews, and such including first chapter of his book. http://www.sfist.com/archives/2007/03/01/kenneth_eng_around_the_web.php
    In one forum and his website, Eng attempted to enlist other Asians in violent protest, but he was dismissed as a nutjob.

    On the Feng family's lack of journalistic credibility:

    I think I missed my calling by choosing a career in telecommunications. I should have studied abnormal psychology.

  16. Wow! Thanks for all the links Andrea. You've been digging.

    I would say you could go for an investigation career too ;-)

    I've got 15 or so minutes before I have to go and teach a class, but I'll definitely check out these links. I think it will help me and other folks who find my blog get a clearer idea on just how mad (using that in the British "crazy" sense) he is.

  17. Did you know that he also wrote a very similar article called "Proof That Whites Inherently Hate Us"? It can still be read here on Asian Week.

    Jodie at Asia Pages wrote an interesting post regarding the fact that his "Why I Hate Blacks" article received so much comdemnation that it was removed from Asian Week, but that his article about whites has received little to no attention and is still online.

  18. Yep, I know. I mentioned them in this post. It was where I said something like he's pursuing a theme of hate.

    Thanks for the link. I'll check it later today ;-)

  19. And NOW, you can see the madness for yourself! He was interviewed on FoxNews. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TK4fjMhGn-I

  20. Andrea thanks!

    Ohmygod...ohmygod. He's a "right nutter" as the folks across the pond say. At least, I'll give him credit for trying to plug his self-published book.

    This guy's world must be so small. Also, it seems like he's one of those people who focuses on the negative but will ignore or take acts of kindness for granted.

    This interviewer did nothing to him but he was tensed up and babbling the whole time. If he presents himself like that in public I can see why people react negatively to him.

    I guess I should write an article about how I hate Koreans. I was coming home this week when a drunk man was stumbling walking uphill. I'd just gotten off the bus, and the bus almost hit him because he was walking so erratically. In Korea, no one will help you in those situations. I've seen fights break out in Seoul Station where someone is getting the crap kicked out of him and no one steps in to stop it.

    So I stepped up because it was rush hour, it was snowing and he was destined to slip and that would have been it. I took the man's hand and asked him where he was going. Then I walked uphill with this poor drunk man who then decided he was in love with me and that he and I should go drinking!!! (funny as hell, to be honest)

    I guess I should hate Koreans because they drink and don't help people unless they know them well.

    Eng is a fool.

  21. Look who he's hatin' on now after being interviewed on the radio by an Italian:
    They're too Christian for him.
    Umm, who's left? Latinos haven't been blessed with their own article yet.
    So is eng one of those scarey anti-christs we were supposed to be so scared of? Oooohhhh! Quake, quake, shudder, shudder!

  22. The guy is most certainly entertaining. However, that link isn't. It's just so darn long it runs off the comment page, so I don't know if people will be able to find it easily.

    So dear readers, if you're still on the Eng cyber stalking tip, you can find his Amazon.com blog here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/blog/id/ATCXMPPVKTNTU/ref=cm_blog_blog/103-3074643-3793449 That link isn't much better in terms of length, but it's shorter.

    Actually, if you look at his posts the guy is just spewing hate. It's quite sad.

    Someone needs to give him a hug but I'm sure everyone is scared he'll start mumbling and gnawing on their ears or something else just as strange.

  23. Greetings Jane,

    You have created a very impressive and informative blog, which I will return to, time permitting.

    I agree with you, Kenneth needs a hug, not additional hate.


  24. Ed, thanks for the compliment.

    Eng is definitely a piece of bitter work. The more I see from him the more I really do feel sorry for him. I figure he'll keep striking while the iron is hot, so there will be more of his antics soon.

  25. Ok, now, I'm just waiting for the Cho/Eng connection. Did you see the disturbing behavior Cho exhibited? Did it remind you of anyone? About two weeks ago, Eng posted reply to the FoxNews video to drone on about a concept he has no understanding, and in the middle of it states that the killing of cashiers, teachers and lawyers would make little difference to the world as they are people of limited awareness and impact on the world. (wtf?) During the video, he had the home address of a woman who had criticized his 'work',scrolling down the video.(hmm stalking?) That video was left for weeks while YouTube ignored several reports of TOS violations. I had alerted the young woman about it, but she had already reported it a week prior. The day after the shooting, Eng posted another video LAUGHING about it and congratulating Cho! (You will find Eng has posted blogs advocating violent protest and murder going back a few years. It was like he was taking credit for it) That video lasted about a day and YouTube finally removed both of his videos. If you read Eng's NYU experience and some of his other ramblings like the dragon book that describes rather violent behaviors (it's rather obvious that the dragon character is himself, who thinks he's incredibly scientific and superior to others)...doesn't it paint a similar picture to that of Cho's? The boy doesn't need a hug, he NEEDS a straighjacket! STAT!
    And it should happend before headlines read "Eng was questioned but.....".
    (sorry, didn't have time to edit...but you get the idea. LOL)
    Andrea AKA "A Black Muse"

  26. Hey Andrea...unfortunately, I did make the connection pretty much immediately after it happened.

    Right now, I'm so swamped with work and school that I probably won't have the time to track down Eng's craziness on YouTube. However, feel free to link me to it: expatjane /@/ gmail dot com

    I'm sure everyone will keep following this story. The Cho and Eng comparisons I'm sure will be flowing for awhile.

  27. Queens, NY - Wanna-Be NYU Killer Arrested
    Queens, NY - The hatemonger that boasted that he wanted to terrorize New York University just like Virginia Tech, as was reported here, was arrested so he would be behind bars during NYU's graduation today.

    Kenneth Eng, 23, was arrested near his home in Fresh Meadows and is being charged with menacing. He has threatened to kill a neighbor and had gone onto her property with a hammer, NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said.
    "I was planing on going to NYU and going on a rampage. The only thing that stopped me was that I couldn't afford a gun," Eng said. [NY Post]
    Idiots probably let him out...

  28. Yikes. This guy needs some serious help.

    Thanks for updating me on this.

    Time for a quick blog update.


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