Saturday, February 10, 2007

Putin Speaks Out

I lost it! Dammit, I lost it!!!

I'm so mad right now because I was typing up a comment on Putin's diplomatic A-bomb.

I was essentially finished and was just clicking around to add my list of helpful links when my Netscape browser froze, and I'd not saved a draft!

I'm being conservative now because, you know, bloggers are getting in trouble for acting up over at the Edward's camp. Not that anyone has offered me a job. I think I don't swear enough to get attention...oh well.

I woke up at 3:45am or so, read the news and started writing. Because I want to go back to sleep, I'm just going to outline my points.

  1. Putin has tolerated Bush. However, it seems that Putin has decided "fuck this"
  2. Putin showed signs of this "fuck this" attitude at last year's G8
  3. Putin is dead on right
  4. Putin is no angel - I'm not saying he is (gas being switched off, reporters and agents turning up dead...yeah, we know some stuff is messed up in Russia too)
  5. Although Putin and his government have their issues, that doesn't make what Putin had to say any less true
  6. Bush's approach to policy has been schoolyard bullying and not even smart schoolyard bullying
  7. Even conservative presidents have recognized the value in engaging and sitting down with the enemy: Nixon traveling to China in 1972 and Reagan simultaneously stirring up the Cold War via the Reagan Doctrine and engaging the USSR
  8. Americans seem to be more keen to continue to focus on tragic Anna Nicole Smith and other celebrity mess while ignoring much more important issues. This is why we have the government we have because last I checked the people ruled democratic governments. However, the people have been out to lunch for years now

I'm not even going to link the articles (my sources were the NYTimes, Washington Post and Deustche Welle). Go look it up what he had to say for yourselves.

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