Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh God, No!

I don't get into the issues of the Middle East much. Usually, when I do I just link to others who are more knowledgeable on the topic.

However, I've been closely following the news since they announced that the Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto was injured leaving a rally in Rawalpindi today. The worst has been announced. She died as a result of that attack. I have to admit I was scared for her when she went back to Pakistan in October.

I believe I'm moved by her death because I remember hearing that Bhutto was elected Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1988. This was significant because she was the first female to be democratically elected female to lead a post-colonial Muslim state. Now 1988 was years before people in the West realized the violent schism developing in the Muslim world.

Honestly, I was hoping it was rumor. Her wounds were severe for sure, so I was truly hoping it was people either intentionally misreporting what had happened or it was just misinformation.

However, I'm listening to Tariq Azim Khan, the Former Pakistan Info Minister, speak on CNN International and he's confirmed that she has passed away.

I'm very sad to hear it.

Rest in peace Benazir Bhutto.

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Here is some video footage of Bhutto leaving the rally and also video of the confusion after the blast:

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  1. Thanks Expat Jane,yeah I have been following the situation real closely in Pakistan and I knew she wouldnt survive because someone was bound to get her. I knew after the first attack in October that she was a marked person. I just would like to know why? I wonder if Mushareef is behind this. One never knows.

  2. Yeah, her opponent, Nawaz Sharif, is in danger too. There was also another attack at a rally for him. Lucky for him, he was not there.

    I'm scared for Imran Khan too. He got arrested a few weeks back around the time she arrived, I believe. I've heard nothing from him since.


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