Wednesday, December 12, 2007

South Korea's Big Oil Spill -- How to help

We've all heard about the oil spill that happened in Taean a few days ago. I got an email from the US Embassy tonight telling people how they can help.

Here it is:

The Korean government continues to confront a major challenge following the large oil spill off the coast of Taean County. So far more than 9,000 soldiers, policemen, and volunteers have been mobilized to mop up the oil and contain the environmental damage.

Members of the expatriate community who wish to contribute to the effort to combat the oil spill can do so in several ways:

1) Donations of goods: Authorities and volunteers need any of the following items you can donate:

-- used winter clothing
-- old towels or any other old cloth that can help absorb oil
-- personal protective gear such as face masks, rain coats, rubber boots, and gloves.

To send donated goods, address them to:

The County Disaster Relief Center
96, Nammoon-ri, Taean-eup, Taean-gun, South Chungcheong Province
Tel: 041-670-2645 through 2653

2) Volunteering:

The Taean County Relief Center is receiving applications from individual volunteers or organizations via telephone (042-670-2645 through 2653) or through its website at

Applications should be made at least one day in advance so that the relief center can assign volunteers to the most-needed area.

Please note that volunteers are required to bring with them their own protective gear including raincoats, boots, and gloves. Please note also that there is no interpretation service available for foreigners, so a basic command of the Korean language is needed.

3) Donation of Money:

Donations of money to assist in the clean-up operation are being received by the South Choongcheong Provincial Government at the following account:

Nonghyup Bank, Account No.: 471-01-002107, held in the name of: The Governor of South Choongcheong Province.

The U.S. Embassy thanks you for considering these assistance measures.

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