Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Reminder - Absentee Ballot Requests: The Deadline is Looming

Yes, I'm blogging about this again.

For most US election districts, early October is the deadline for voter registration and absentee ballot requests.

Even this week I've run into a couple of US citizens that I know who have not registered or requested their ballots. I think this time it's less than normal, but even one unregistered voter is a waste.


There will be one more weekend of voter registration in the Itaewon area of Seoul. Democrats Abroad Korea has been doing these registration drives since April. I got started with them around May. As a group we've managed to get tons of people, from Republicans to Democrats, to register or request their absentee ballots. If you've not registered or requested your ballot either click on one of these links, Vote From Abroad or Overseas Vote, or come on out and register in person.

People will be at a table in front of the Starbucks next to the Itaewon subway station (exit 3), the police station and the KB Bank in Itaewon.

Because of the debate, on Saturday registration will be from 12 noon to 5pm and on Sunday from 10am to 4pm. (Then again, it looks like there won't even be a debate...what a bunch of B.S. After years of laissez-faire capitalism now we've got to rush to approve a bailout package?) Anyway, I'm over doing the landmarks because I want to make sure no one is confused.

Should the embed be buggy, here is the direct link to the video.

I'm so gung ho on this issue because I remember having a discussion about absentee voting with co-workers during the 2004 election. I said that I always voted absentee. Most said that they didn't and gave a range of what I thought were pretty lame reasons why they didn't. These reasons ranged from voting early meant they'd miss those last minute smear tactics (oh, no!) or that they simply thought voting early and by mail stripped them of something they really couldn't be bothered to articulate. For me, in contrast, I started voting absentee when I was in law school. I just didn't want to wait until the last minute and be bound to go to my polling place. Plus, I was such a nervous and tense wreck that it was just easier to not have one more thing I HAD to do in a tight time frame. Instead, I'd request a ballot. I'd get it in advance of the election. I'd vote at my leisure. I'd just mail it back so it would arrive before election day (in San Francisco your ballot isn't counted if it arrives after a certain time on election day.) Of course, since I was in the city, I could also just choose to not mail it in and vote on election day. A couple of times I did that too.

I think voter apathy is one HUGE reason we've been stuck with this farce of an administration for 8 years. This time I hope the lesson is very clear that while you might not think your individual vote counts, as a group, all of our votes do make a huge difference.

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